3 Reasons to Consider Virtual Influencers

With developments in the social space like Instagram’s like ban, influencer marketers are looking for innovative ways to stay on top of the game. Enter the CGI influencer. We’ve reported on the uncanny trend before, but as virtual influencers gain more steam, it’s time to examine three reasons they could be the next big thing. Read on below.


They’re an Escape

Like a great deal of social media itself, virtual influencers offer an escape from users’ day to day. While they are of course perfect by design, many consumers seem to appreciate the up-front nature of their feeds. Knowing that every caption is scripted, and every outfit conceived by a team of technicians, CGI influencers feel in many ways, more real.

They’re Becoming More Popular

After the initial wave of skepticism, research is showing that CGI influencers are steadily rising in popularity. As time goes on the technology will only get stronger, leading to a normalization that could one day become industry standard.


They’re Brand-friendly

When the influencer is tailored to be adaptable, brand partners can only benefit. This is the thought process that sees CGI influencers collaborating with brands from Dior to Balenciaga. With the trendy tech targeting key markets like Gen Z and millennials, and the ability to deliver highly curated collaborations, the possibilities are endless.