Charities Break Into Influencer Marketing to Promote Shared Goals

For more than one company, influencer marketing might seem like something done by beauty and fashion brands alone.

The visual nature of platforms like Instagram makes things a little more challenging for companies with abstract goals or services, who might not have a backlog of eye-catching photos to post. However, people are constantly looking for recommendations from people they trust, and that influence can extend beyond basic product consumption to include more abstract concepts.


What is influence?

In the worlds of social media, brands will never make as much of an impact as individuals can.

People are influenced by other people, plain and simple— this is why brands reach out to influencers to help promote their products. The right influencer can provide exposure to broader or different audiences for the brand’s message. But the public is savvy to this marketing trick at this point. Influencers posting with #sponsored emblazoned across their content is suspicious to most audiences, and a brand-influencer pairing that seems off will raise red flags.

To make the pairing work, an influencer needs to feel passionately enough about the brand to promote it earnestly and enthusiastically. And if the influencer cares about the brand, their community will likely share those passions and goals. Being more selective can lead to more challenges, but it’s worth the effort to build the right relationship. Companies can even mine engagement ideas from suggestions given through user-generated content.

An Innovation for Charities

All brands focus on supplying a demand in one way or another, but charities are uniquely positioned to get the most out of influencer partnership because they are principally about helping and giving to others.

This on its own is a special edge— even the best-integrated #sponsored post can still feel like being sold something. But an influencer is more unlikely to promote a charity they don’t actually identify with, and users can sense that level of true engagement.

For a charity to get the most out of such a partnership, it’s crucial to know the community the influencer interacts with and whether they are moved by the organization’s cause. Every successful brand is built on a strong marketing strategy, which includes research on the communities in a target audience. Each community has their own set of influencers whose endorsements they respect, and after securing an influencer’s engagement, charities can collaborate with them on creating a campaign to reach the community at large.

This involves long and deep conversations between the charity and the influencer about their mutual goals. With common interests in mind, the two can find new ideas that are valuable to the charity, the influencer, and ultimately the community. This method of engagement allows for deeper insight into the community’s culture because the influencer will know their audience better than any marketing firm research can provide.

With shared value, an influencer can mean much more to a charity than just a #sponsorship.

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