Meet the new CGI Influencers

In the oversaturated influencer market, it can be hard to make an impact. In a space where styles are repeated and brand shout outs are matter-of-course, content creators can find it hard to standout.


Luckily, for a new batch of faces, this proves no issue-because they aren’t real.

Meet the next generation of Instagram stars-CGI models.

With the extreme advancements in computer generated graphics and the steadily rising demand for influencer endorsements, the move comes at a perfect time.


While the uncanny influencers may seem odd at first, the innovation makes sense.

Not only can these creations display a level of perfection not easily obtained by human beings, they can be viewed as a form of in-house advertising. With manufactured influencers comes a level of control not accessible with humans, not to mention a vast reduction in the risk for human error.

Some of the top CGI influencers are Lil Miquela, Bermuda, and Ronald Blawko. The three have over one million followers combined. Created by tech startups for the purposes of big brands, the “teens” can be found sporting computer generated designer clothes and feuding with their peers.

While the posts are entertaining, they have many wondering what it means for the future of influencer marketing. Will these avatars permeate the Instagram scene, or are they just a fad? There isn’t enough data at this time to know either way, but if the demand for influencers holds, and the intrigue doesn’t wear off, we may be seeing more and more of the hyper-stylized faces on our feeds.

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