What is CBD, and how can Brands Market it Effectively?

Making a prominent showing at everything from Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, to swanky coffee shops and apothecaries worldwide, CBD is proving to be a lasting trend. So, what exactly is the cannabis-derived product? And what can brands do to market it effectively? Below, find the low down of everyone’s new favorite wellness product.


What IS CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a Phyto-cannabinoid that accounts for up to 40% of the Cannabis Plant’s extract. Unlike its counterpart, THC, CBD is not psychoactive (meaning it doesn’t get you mentally high). Instead, CBD creates a “body high”, having an overall effect of calming muscles and easing stress (though as with any cannabis product, these results will vary user to user). In recent years, studies have shown that CBD can have major benefits when it comes to treating mental and physical ailments such as depression, anxiety, arthritis, movement disorders, and more. In popular culture, it has seen a major boom in popularity as an add-on to everything from lattes to beauty products. (It is totally legal to use, as it has no psychoactive properties when extracted from hemp).

The CBD Boom

As mentioned above, CBD is experiencing a major popularity boom as of the last few years. Most recently, Kim Kardashian made headlines for making it the theme of her third baby shower. On top of this, big name beauty brands like Kiehl’s and Josie Maran are integrating it into some of their product lines. Beauty retail giant Sephora has also started to stock CBD makeup and body care products. According to new research, CBD mentions had reached an all-time high as of March of this year. (In short, it’s hot right now). So, the interest is there, now how do brands go about marketing the unusual product?


The Marketing way Forward

The short answer? Social media. Let’s get a bit more in depth:

An unconventional, somewhat newly popular product demands marketing for the social age. However, due in large part to misunderstandings around the it, major digital ad channels such as Facebook disallow paid advertising. So, what’s a CBD brand or brand collaborator to do? A few quick ideas to get started below:

-Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing allows brands to organically reach out to, and ramp up the engagement of, mass numbers of people. With a buzz-backed product like CBD, many content creators are jumping at the chance to tout its benefits.

-Affiliate Marketing

This Performance Marketing derived method is another influencer-heavy route. Since the affiliate’s profits are totally performance based, it’s a low risk way to get the product out there.

-Native Advertising

This is perhaps the most intuitive of the bunch. Native Advertising refers to editorial placements designed to look relevant and organic. It’s a simple and usually low-cost way to reach hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.


CBD appears to be a lasting trend. With the backing of celebrities, influencers, and industry professionals alike, it’s bound to only get bigger. So, whether you’re a cannabis brand looking to get into the marketing space, or an investor looking for a trend with staying power, take CBD into consideration.