7 Ways Subtitles Can Boost Video Shares by 15%

Boosting Video Shares

You've created the perfect video for YouTube and have put in your best efforts to promote it

Sharing it on your social channels, optimising your title and description for maximum impact, and pushing it on forums and communities you know will show it some love. But, so far, your views have gone flat and your not getting the number of shares you were hoping for. 

If you've ever faced this, we have some great advice for you.

Producing quality content is always important, but there's something you may have forgotten: subtitles. 

Captioning your videos will definitely have an impact on how successful they are. This is true of pretty much any form of filmed content you produce especially when considered online videos. Many people scroll through content on feeds without audio, and the right captions might be just what they need to pay attention to your content. 

This infographic from Uscreen outlines seven facts and reasons why you should be adding subtitles to your videos. 


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