These Brands Are Capitalizing on The Game of Thrones Finale

HBO just dropped the final episode of “Game of Thrones” and with it comes a host of brand promotions. From branded makeup to sneakers, fans can grab their own piece of the Seven Kingdoms. Here’s a look at some of them.



Mondelez cookie brand released its “Game of Thrones” themed collection, which featured four embossed cookie designs, highlighting the Great Houses still battling for the Iron Throne and the enemy White Walkers beyond the wall. In fact, the cookies already hit the shelves as season 8 started, so fans had enough time to munch on the series inspired snacks during the entire season. Other than that, they’re the same Oreos you know; and, no, the cream isn’t red!



The German sportswear brand created six pairs of limited edition “Ultra Boost” sneakers based upon the royal houses in the series. A fresh design was whipped up for the Night’s Watch, the White Walkers, House Targaryen, the Targaryen’s dragons, House Stark, and House Lannister.


The makeup brand created a range inspired by its favorite places in Westeros and the “strong women of the Seven Kingdoms,” including Ayra Stark’s needle eyeshadow brushes, Vice lipstick and Dracarys lip and cheek stain.


Mountain Dew released a limited line of unbranded cans, under the hashtag, #acanhasnoname. To win an unbranded can, fans were sent to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reveal what they'd sacrifice for a can.


The German retailer didn’t have an official tie-in with “Game of Thrones”, but nevertheless created its own “Game on Thrones” video. During the video, characters compared Aldi’s own-label toilet paper with a branded version.