Summary-Brands at the Top of Their Influencer Game

As influencer marketing becomes the standard, certain brands are breaking away from the rest of the pack. An estimated $3 billion was generated by the top 20 brands in Instagram Earned Media Value in 2018, according to a study from InfluencerDB. The top 5 of that list were Fashion Nova, Gucci,, Zara and Nike.


Earned Media Value is a measurement tool that tracks how much a brand earns through an influencer post, and how much a brand would need to spend to achieve the same result with a traditional ad.

Fashion Nova garnered over half a billion dollars in EMV last year-that’s about three times higher than runner up Gucci. The budget clothing brand has an extensive list of collaborators from Cardi B to the Kardashian-Jenners.


Gucci was the only designer label to land in the top 5 of the top 20. Nike was the only athletic wear brand to achieve top 5, with competitors like Adidas landing at number 10. Nike snagged Cristiano Ronaldo (Insta’s most-followed user) as a collaborator, along with sport mainstays such as LeBron James.

Other brands on the list tapped into the power of micro influence, pointing to the power of influencers both big and small. According to the study, around 25% of the top brands partnerships were with micro influencers. Overall, companies are ramping up their influencer efforts, as the demand for it seems to only be growing.