Financial Institutions are Embracing Influencer Marketing


Trend research is revealing that more and more financial institutions are turning to influencer marketing for bank offerings and applications.

The move comes as part of a push by big-name banks and insurance companies to relate to the millennial market and put faces to their social media presences.


Influencer marketing is a new frontier in the industry, given the regulations surrounding it.

In recent years, financial clients have needed much more persuading and assurances surrounding the ethics of influencer campaigns within the space. Due to regulations from the Federal Trade Commission and other industry authorities, more disclosures are sometimes necessary.


Including the “ad” hashtag, or using more mindful language in their posts, isn’t impeding the need for marketers to catch up to the influencer trend.

Many financial institutions are finding that the way to the millennial markets heart is through influencer-based social media efforts.


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TrendsAlessio Puddu