3 Tips for Your Back-to-School Campaign

With cooler days comes the reminder that back-to-school season is fast approaching. The ensuing rush of sales and promotions can make it tricky to stand out for even the most established businesses. So, whether you’re looking to ramp up sales around a seasonal product, or just generate some fresh buzz, find three quick tips for setting your brand apart below.


Create Incentive

If you’re pushing your brand around back-to-school season, it means your product is likely part of a wide pool of similar offerings. A good way to set yourself apart is to add incentive for choosing your goods over others. Whether this be in the form of a giveaway, or a special promotional deal, the season can be a great opportunity to build brand awareness.


Keep the Audience in Mind

While it may seem like the obvious choice to market directly to parents, it’s good to keep the kids in mind as well. Research shows that kids actually have a good deal of influence on their parents’ purchases. This in mind, focus marketing efforts on social platforms and apps, as opposed to more traditional print routes.


Consider the Teachers

In that same line of thought, don’t forget about the teachers. With a lot of teachers buying their own supplies, room décor, and more, it could be a huge boon to tap that less considered market. Utilize tip number one and create a promotional deal specifically for teachers or make a special discount code.

LifestyleMaria Vasbotten