5 Tips for Breaking Into B2B Influencer Marketing

The last few years have seen a significant shift in the way B2B (business to business) companies approach marketing. While the influencer marketing space has been reserved more for B2C (business to consumer) marketing and entrepreneurial endeavors in the past, B2B ventures are beginning to catch on to its merits. Sure to be a big trend of the new year, find below five tips for getting started with influencers in the B2B sphere.


Know Your Story First

Before you can implement an influencer marketing campaign, you have to have a strong grasp on your brand and mission. To build your brand’s story, ask questions like: Why did you start your business? Who is your target market? What are the strengths of your product or service? Once you have the answers, you can start to shape a plan of attack for your influencer angle.

Find the Right Fit

Once you have your story on lock, search for influencers with common goals or audiences. Look for individuals who have transferable skills and interests in the same field as your company. Another way to filter the influencers you’re considering is through social listening. (Read more here). Also keep in mind that with B2B marketing, follower count and likes are not as important as finding an influencer who knows your demographic.


Create Inviting Content

Influencers should be as excited to work with you and your brand as you are to work with them. Once you’ve found a content creator who’s a good fit, focus on creating materials that will grab their attention. Having your brand’s message sync up with that of the target influencer ensures synergy on any projects you work on with them.

Establish a Connection

After you’ve zeroed in on a content creator, start “courting” them. Follow them on their various platforms, like and comment on their posts, and share their content. Another way to get in contact is to ask the influencer for advice or notes on your product. These practices serve to prime the creator on your content and establish trust and connection.


Encourage Sharing

Once the ball is rolling, encourage your own team members to get involved with the influencers content around your brand. This will not only foster excitement about the project, it will expand the reach of the content itself.