YouTube Like a Pro -- 7 Ways to Boost Performance

While YouTube is certainly not the only platform on which to share your video content, it is without doubt the largest, with 1.5 billion users logging in globally every month exclusively to view clips.

While other social media platforms are expanding their video sharing capabilities, YouTube remains the premiere platform for this kind of content. Like all platforms, however, marketing on YouTube requires a dedicated focus and a working knowledge of best marketing practices to help you drive traffic to your channel. It is more than simply a matter of reposting your content from other social media platforms - there is strategy and data-driven technology available for video creators to share their content effectively. If you’re looking to establish credibility and generate the greatest reach in your digital marketing efforts, knowing about and utilizing some of the following tools will help you achieve your goals for your videos.

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Bulk Suggest Tool

Bulk Suggest Tool is a keyword research app

That searches Google and YouTube for expanded versions of the keywords you enter into the search engine. You can compare this data to Google and YouTube searches in order to select the keyword strings that will be most relevant to your target audience. While it is unwise to rely too heavily on keyword searches alone, search queries remain an important element of discovery, and can be used to help craft video titles and descriptions that engage new viewers. Because YouTube is considered the second largest search engine, knowing how to utilize your exposure through keyword searches can be a crucial tool in your digital marketing efforts and in increasing your contents visibility.


BirdSong Analytics

BirdSong analytics is a competitive analysis tool for public YouTube channels.

You can access your competitors engagement metrics and SEO tactics so as to compare strategies and pirate best practices, saving you time. BirdSong analytics can also useful in determining what time of day is the optimum time to publish your video, even the length of the video itself, based on what your competitors are doing.



DrumUp is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to streamline the sharing of your content across multiple social media accounts.

Cross-promotion is critical to brand management and increasing visibility, and DrumUp allows you to both add multiple social media accounts, and easily pull videos from your YouTube feed. With one click, users can share their content across multiple platforms in one simple and streamlined process.



Marketing your videos on YouTube requires more than just passively posting your content.

Successfully growing your audience also requires engaging viewers with the videos you post, as well as enticing them to respond to your marketing messages. Canva is a graphic design tool that allows video makers to enhance their aesthetic appearance on YouTube. Content creators can use custom canvas dimensions to create attractive thumbnails and end cards that will engage viewers, establish legitimacy, and add a more professional touch to your channel.



VidIQ is a tag discovery tool that suggests relevant tags based on high-quality data to increase visibility on YouTube and drive traffic to your channel.

VidIQ also suggests how difficult it will be for a tag to rank, based on the tags it suggests, allowing users to find tags that will be the most popular and least difficult to rank in their video descriptions.



Cyfe is a custom analytics dashboard that allows users to track all of their marketing analytics in one place.

Cyfe is versatile enough in that it not only tracks website analytics and digital sales, but also tracks social media analytics, so video makers can use a variety of marketing data to achieve their business goals. It is easy for a YouTube channel to become stagnant, but a good YouTube channel will use data collected from previously published videos to grow and increase viewership.



TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that shows you which tags/keywords you are ranked for, and offers suggestions for optimizing your SEO for your videos.

Since TubeBuddy’s features load within YouTube, it’s a good way to get a quick overview of your YouTube performance without having to leave the page.

Although there are many ways to drive traffic to your online video content, you want to achieve the greatest reach as efficiently as possible. Being armed with the proper set of tools will enable you to market smart instead of hard, bringing you one step closer to achieving your goals for the videos on which you’ve worked so hard.

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