3 Ways To Get More Followers With Instagram's Nametag Tool

Because social media innovation never seems to cease, it might be a challenge to keep up with the latest features across all the platforms—and even harder to understand how they work and what their benefits might be. But Instagram recently launched the Nametag tool, and it’s hardly a frivolous addition to the platform, especially if you’re after more followers to better promote your brand.


The Instagram Nametag tool is like a QR code—those black and white, pixely squares you can put up to your phone’s camera lens and access whatever it’s connected to, like concert tickets or what lies beyond a website’s pay wall. The Instagram iteration is just a simple box with your handle in the middle and the platform’s icon just above it. You can download your color-customizable Nametag in your account menu page, which pops up after hitting that gear icon to the right of the handle on your profile. From there you can save the Nametag on your phone, computer, or print it out. When another opens up their Instagram camera and centers your Nametag, they’ll quickly be able to follow you.


It’s that easy, and if you utilize it smartly can be hugely beneficial. Here’s how:

Image Source/Social Media Today

Image Source/Social Media Today

When It’s Loud

Say you’re at a conference, party, industry trade show, or any kind of event where networking can happen. The music’s playing or maybe there’s just a lot of people talking at once. Instead of asking a new connection to pull up the Mighty ’Gram on their phone, and then dictating your personalized handle to them—shouting the appropriate spelling, numbers, underscores and all—you can just display your Nametag and have them scan over it. Boom! Instant follower.

Image Source/Social Media Today

Image Source/Social Media Today

Posterize It

Take your Nametag to any printer and get a bundle of stickers made. Then you can fix the Nametag to any surface—that the law allows!—and passersby can scan it. It looks great in the footer of a poster or a flier, too, or in a magazine print ad.


Make It Part of Your Signature

Attach a file of the Nametag to the bottom of your emails where your signature goes, or, heck, get nuts and insert it into the body of your business’s newsletter. Run it as part of a contest—“Scan this to follow me and be in the running for a prize!”—or a means in which your new subscribers can grab a coupon.