Ten French Brands Partnering with Instagrammers

Many brands in France are looking to online lifestyle bloggers and other digital influencer to boost their social media presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and attract similarly-interested customers.

These 10 brands out of the French fashion world are establishing themselves in the domain of influencer marketing, partnering with popular social media presences to bring authenticity and relatability to their image. Read on to discover the personalities and creative strategies these businesses are taking on as they expand.



The Balmain Beat campaign has the fashion brand collaborating with Beats by Dre on a line that merges fashion and music technology.

Partnering with "the most exciting names in film, music, and fashion," the collaboration is producing a 12-volume series of video clips featuring influencers in Balmain looks using everyday objects to create sound. The campaign includes Luz Pavon, Sergei Polunin, Charlottes Lawrence, James Bay, Sooj Mooj, Duckie, Lara McGrath, and Mina Rose



French designer Hedi Slimane is presenting his new vision for Celine, with Lady Gaga volunteering to showcase some of his designs.

The intriguing Instagram photos that reveal early ideas for the campaign are ambiguous in classic Slimane style, especially since we know he will be presenting both menswear and womenswear at his Paris Fashion Week show on September 28th. 



The sports-luxe style of Kenzo clothing is showcased in "The EVERYTHING", a new campaign film written and directed by Humberto Leon.

The fashion campaign includes a combination of styles, eras, and attitudes, and features several influencers including Regina Hall, Ekaterina Samsonov, and Alexandra Shipp, among others. 


Coco Chanel

Kristin Stewart has partnered with the iconic French brand on their new fragrance inspired by Gabrielle Chanel.

Stewart is a longtime ambassador for the brand, having previously collaborated with them on a Gabrielle-inspired handbag. Chanel finds Kristen Stewart's rebellious spirit perfect for representing the Gabrielle line of products. 


Milk Magazine

A "Lifestyle magazine for the modern family",

French publication Milk Magazine is a shoppable collection that features streetwear, interior design, kid's style and activities, hobbies, society, and events. In the "most kawaii collaboration of the year," they partnered with influencer Alix Cherry to promote a product line featuring the adorable bear character Rilakkuma. The collaboration features Alix's two adorable kids rocking Rilakkuma onesies and t-shirts. 


maje Paris

Maje Paris is currently collaborating 24-year-old artist and photographer Coco Capitan on their 20th anniversary campaign.

Hallmarked by the hashtag #maje20years, the campaign celebrates youth, freedom, and following your dreams. Coco Capitan is the artist behind the photos, but the collaboration also features Instagrammers Agnes Abma, Irene Guarenas, and Sysere


L'oreal Paris

L'oreal's new WANTED makeup campaign was co-created with designer Isabel Marant, and features influencers Cat Mcneil, Lex Herl, and Chiharu Okunugi, among others.

The models showcase the Western-inspired style of the makeup and skincare line. 



Dior is working with actress Jennifer Lawrence on a campaign for their new fragrance, Joy by Dior.

The campaign isn't just photo-based-- the iconic Dior brand is making the most of its content creativity by presenting the new fragrance through a series of short videos. 


The Kooples

Fashion brand The Kooples landed in the UK a few years ago, setting itself apart with its focus on tailoring.

They are currently collaborating with influencer Irina Shayk as part of their Fashion Week 2018 campaign. Using the hashtag #IrinabyTheKooples, you can see the popular Instagrammer modeling Kooples handbags. 



Eres runs a series of low-key influencer campaigns constantly with its hashtag, #EresGirl.

Featuring several stylish Instagram influencers like Leia Fez, Sophie May, Carin Olsson, and Evangelie Smyrniotaki, among others. The use of the hashtag #EresGirl links the brand with popular figures without the time commitment of a single targeted campaign. 

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