The CROWD. 100-Top Style Influencers from Around the Globe to Follow for Fashion Week

We at CROWD understand better than most that social media is oversaturated with talented people and enviable dressers.

In 2018, it’s easier than ever before to curate a feed of fashionistas from which to glean equal parts inspo and envy. Even so, finding the truly follow-worthy can be daunting.

So with various fashion weeks across the globe on the horizon, what better time to sit down and discover the influencers who will have a front row seat to all the action? You can rely on the babes from some of fashion's biggest outposts, compiled below, to bring top notch FW reporting and street-style inspo (not to mention tips and tricks to carry on well after the last model leaves the catwalk).


We see your top 20s, and raise you 100.

New York City


Mustafa Kacar

Founder of Astute Attire, Mustafa is a menswear guru and international traveler.

He strolls NYC looking for the best food, fashion, and espresso, sharing his classic and versatile street style with the city.


Lauren Mazzei

While she’s technically a resident of Jersey, Lauren Mazzei still has the style chops to represent NYC at its most fashionable.

With a full-time job in the beauty industry and a “cool” factor that sets her apart, it’s no doubt she belongs on this list.


Courtney Quinn

Courtney and her dog Waffles are a fixture of the West Village.

Courtney has the color dial turned up to 11, bringing bold shades and combinations to the streets of New York. Join her 541k followers to add instant brightness to your feed.


Justin Livingston

A self-described Southern boy in NYC, Justin’s boyish yet urban style makes him a perfect fit for the East Village.

His lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen, offers input on fashion, food, travel, and spirits, all with a little of that Mississippi charm.


Olivia Trewatha

Olivia’s preferred hashtag, #corporatecatwalk, is a perfect descriptor for her style.

An entrepreneur and businesswoman in her own right, Olivia’s style aesthetic merges corporate fashion with trendy streetwear.


Andrea Pion

Part girl-next-door, part wild child, Andrea’s Instagram is sure to put a smile on your face.

Her feed offers up a casual, unaffected, and vintage-feeling aesthetic that makes you feel like you’re right there with her in the city.


Alexandra Dieck

Alexandra describes herself as “Tex-Mex living in NYC”, and scrolling her feed will make you crave a margarita.

She brings the adobe aesthetic with bold colors and prints, but keeps it true to New York style by also incorporating darker and more polished looks.


Natalie Lim Suarez

Creator of style blog Natalie Off Duty, Natalie is a model, singer, and noted style ambassador.

Her eclectic style can be seen on her Instagram, where black, whites, and greys form a solid and chic foundation for bright pops of warm color.


Brian Sacawa

Brian Sacawa, of He Spoke Style, was a bicycle racer and musician before he noticed a distinct lack of inspirational content in the menswear category.

He began blogging about his own style, offering tips for men on dressing for events and upping one’s accessory game, and is currently keeping up the good work for stylish men everywhere.


Tillie Adelson

Originally from San Francisco, Tillie simply couldn’t keep her stilettos off the New York City streets for long.

Her blog, My Stiletto Life, evolved from a personal account of style into a full lifestyle blog that documents her NYC adventures in travel, food, and fashion. All in her signature shoes, of course.


Miss YanYi

YanYi, though living in Paris this year, still counts as a New York City fashion representative.

Featuring sporty and comfortable-looking styles, her Instagram gives us a full range of lifestyle experiences.


Tess Christine

Brooklyn resident Tess Christine prefers a muted, sultry filter that makes her style look accessible, understated, and utterly charming.

While her looks are mostly based in New York, she brings in inspiration from cities like Dublin, London, and LA.


Gala Gonzales

NYC- based fashionista Gala Gonzales fills her Instagram with highly personal, effortless style that makes her fashion royalty in Spain.

Gonzalez has appeared in over 20 international publications such as Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.


Luka Sabbat

19-year-old fashion entrepreneur and "champion"

Luka Sabbat has already been featured in runway shows and ads from D&G, Hugo Boss, Adidas and more. His feed is a treasure trove of streetwear inspiration.


Kate Foley

Kate’s delivery date is keeping her from Fashion Week this year, but we can still draw inspiration from her fashion expertise.

Foley’s aesthetic is eclecticism meets Park Avenue, taking a cool and maximalist approach to style.




Rebecca Laurey

Formerly the face behind Raspberry & Rouge, Rebecca now runs a personal style diary in her own name.

She is currently living between Amsterdam and New York, sharing her personal style, beauty tips and travel adventures.


Negin Mirsalehi

Amsterdam is the backdrop of Negin’s glamorous yet accessible blog.

While she tends to engage mostly with  international, exclusive brands, she’s a staple of Amsterdam’s fashion culture.


Andy Torres

The mind behind Style Scrapbook, the Mexican-born, Amsterdam-based fashion blogger started sharing styling tips around 10 years ago and soon gathered an impressive following.

Since then she has collaborated with many major brands such as H&M, Samsøe & Samsøe and Mango.


Lily Tjon

World traveler and creator of the style blog Hashtag By Lily, you can always find Lily Tjon dressed in killer, on-trend ensembles complete with items designed by renowned international brands.

She uses some of Amsterdam’s most iconic streets and landmarks as her backdrop.


Marco Wallenburg

Marco is the main contributor behind the style blog, Menswear By MW.

His Amsterdam-based Instagram feed is full of sophisticated seasonal styling guides for men, centered around classic and well-tailored clothes.


Igrien Liu

Creator of The Avantguardian, Igrien’s eye for a refined and well-balanced aesthetic has made her a sought-after photographer for many famous publications over the years.

The Avantguardian focuses on luxury fashion, lifestyle, and travel based in Amsterdam.


Ivania Carpio

Ivania established Love Aesthetics, a "creative online space where ideas, thoughts, findings and a clear style philosophy are shared".

One of the first style bloggers in the Netherlands, Ivania’s feed is full of clean lines, simple colors, and minimalist imagery.


Vera Camilla

Vera Camilla’s eponymous blog is a haven of body positivity and self-love.

Filling her Instagram with glowing, peachy style photos, she strives for self-acceptance and self-confidence among her fans.


Joyce Croonen

An entrepreneur and social psychologist, Joyce runs the successful minimalist fashion and interior blog MyDubio.

The cool colors and minimalist feel of her Instagram keeps us feeling refreshed, as do the stunning travel photos.


Iris Dijkers

A graphic designer and illustrator, it’s no surprise that Iris’ style shows mastery of unique color and pattern combinations.

The girly colors and playfulness of her blog, A Dash of Fash, make us feel like stopping to smell daisies.


Laura Gommans

Amsterdam-based Laura Gommans gives off vintage folk-singer vibes, pulling off simple and flowy looks.

She’s laid back and effortlessly cool.


Liza Chloe

We’re keeping an eye on Liza Chloe, whose Dutch style is currently influenced by Paris living.

The white-gold aesthetic of her Instagram feed is stunning and perfectly tailored to her simple, glamorous style.


Rosanna at Billie Rose

Rosanna has her color palette down to a science.

A self-styler in the streets of Amsterdam, Rosanna’s love affair with pale greens and pinks is perfectly reminiscent of Scandinavian springtime.


Levi at Tlnique

A Dutch influencer with Vietnamese roots, Levi “aims for versatile chic with a touch of uniqueness”.

Her Instagram is a little bit pinup and a whole lot of amazing world traveling.


Yara Michels

Yara evolved her style blog into Chapter Friday, a magazine-like publication that showcases both streetstyle and strategies for getting ahead in life.

She’s a girlboss with unstoppable fashion sense!




Erea Louro

This Madrid-based fashion stylist runs the fashion blog All That She Wants,

featuring cute illustrations by her boyfriend Alejandro. Louro mixes high-fashion designers with high-street staples for looks that are sleek and sophisticated.


Lost in Vogue

Eli G. and Eli S., a pair of Barcelona-based friends, created Lost in Vogue to feature their mutual passion for style.

The blog is a side project for the women, who have day jobs as a lawyer and an architect.


Elena Vidal

Also an engineer, Elena’s blog showcases her street-savvy style with photographs taken around the Spanish capital.

She incorporates designer pieces, but most of her looks are based around Spanish high-street brands such as Zara and Mango.


Alexandra Periera

Lovely Pepa, aka Alexandra Pereira, has 1.7 million Instagram followers.

No wonder, since her feed is full of beautiful and exotic backdrops and incredible beachy looks.


Aida Domenech

One of Spain’s most famous and influential fashion bloggers,

Aida has seen her blog crowned ‘Best Style Fashion Blog’ at Berlin Fashion Week. The style guide, Dulceida, showcases Aida’s glamorous island vibes.


Sara Escudero

Full of Mediterranean looks and beach-ready outfits,

Sara’s blog Collage Vintage has collected a million followers. If you’re looking for summer style inspiration, you need look no further.


Nacho Aznar

Nacho Aznar is the talent behind Oliete World, and is one of the top male bloggers in Madrid.

He covers men’s lifestyle topics like cologne, spirits, technology, sports, and of course, fashion. With a very European style, Nacho is a must-follow for fashion-forward men.


Natalia Cabezas

A refreshingly down-to-earth world traveler,

Natalia is an internationally recognized fashion blogger based in Madrid. As the name might suggest, the TrendyTaste Instagram feed is full of the most on-trend styles.


Paula Ordovás

On Paula’s blog, mypeeptoes, you can expect to see more than just fashion.

She can offer tips to help you ramp up your style, your fitness routine, and your eating habits. It’s time to get your glow on!


Teresa Andrés Gonzalvo

Gold jewellery, oversized earrings, playful prints and off-the-shoulder silhouettes are the hallmarks of Teresa’s beach wardrobe.

The gorgeous golden-haired Instagrammer is well-worth following just for the vicarious adventures.


Paz Vega

Vega’s performance in the hit Netflix TV show The OA has brought her versatile fashion sense to center stage.

Sometimes in feminine dresses, sometimes in boyish off-duty hoodies, Paz’s androgynous appeal is endlessly versatile.


Zina Charkoplia

Zina’s expertly constructed OOTDs make her a magnet for street style photographers.

The Barcelona-based fashion blogger pairs slouchy, laidback silhouettes with a tomboyish flair, and offers plenty of lessons in how to jazz up a simple shirt-and-jeans combination.


Estefania of Con Dos Tacones

Madrid fashionista Estefania is, as you might imagine, obsessed with shoes.

On the Con Dos Tacones (With Two Heels) blog, you can see colorful photos of her outfits-- she likes tweed coats, full skirts and of course, sky-high heels. Mixed in with the fashion are photos of her adorable (and well-styled, of course) chihuahua, Pepe.



The mysterious blogger known only as Coohuco is one of Valencia’s best known fashion influencers.

Bright colors and modern, feminine cuts define her ultra-chic style-- but it’s the stunning sunlit backgrounds and perfectly curated detail that really keep us scrolling.


María Soriano

On her blog, Blog Con Estilo (“With Style”), María documents not just her outfits on her Instagram, but also her workouts, beauty routine, and glamorous nights out in Valencia.

Feast your eyes on some seriously stylish and colorful shoes and handbags, while at the same time being inspired to get in shape.


Veren Valencia

This expat blogger shows off her youthful, colorful style (with a focus on petite fashion) on her Instagram account.

Veren also runs a YouTube channel documenting her travels and life abroad.




Chiara Ferragni

Creator of the blog “The Blonde Salad”,

influencer Chiara Ferragni has secured brand deals with Tod’s, has her own luxury shoe range, and boasts 13 million followers on Insta. She’s known for her sleek, on-trend style.


Valentina Ferragni

Like her older sister Chiara, Valentina is making a name for herself in the instagram fashion scene.

Steadily catching up to her sibling with a more-than-respectable 1.8 million followers, her style is more laid back, yet trendy.


Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti sports a distinctly bohemian, cool girl style.

At 1.5 million instagram followers, the swimwear mogul is one to look out for.


Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is one of the OG street style stars of Italy.

Unsurprisingly, the editor-at-large for Vogue Japan has 1.5 million followers and counting. She is well known in the scene for taking risks with bold patterns and shapes, and not being afraid to dress across styles.


Mari Zamboli

Utilizing lush backgrounds and on-point styling, this Italiana comes in at 660 thousand.

Zamboli reports on Milan fashion week on her blog, as well as her glamorous travels.


Nicoletta Reggio

This jet setting influencer sports a breezy style and 348 thousand instagram followers.

She is a blogger favorite for her more carefree approach to fashion


Eleonora Carisi

This influencer and digital agency co-founder has her hands on 692 thousand instagram followers.

Carisi has a keen eye for aesthetic, utilizing neutral tones and vintage-style photography.


Gilda Ambrosia

Another influencer with a keen eye of visuals,

Ambrosio’s 352 thousand followers come to her page for her glamorous edge. Dubbed an “It girl” by Forbes, the blogger and entrepreneur will definitely have cameras on her at MFW.


Erika Boldrin

Having gained notoriety for her fashion and lifestyle blog site “My Free Choice”,

this fashionista has 426 thousand followers. She’s been lauded for working with designer and retail brands alike.


Irene Buffa

A mainstay at MFW, Irene Buffa shares feminine yet daring fashions with her 236 thousand followers.

The spokeswoman and blogger can be found traveling or home in her native Milan.


Giorgia Tordini

Co-founder of hip fashion label Attico, this Milan-based beauty boasts 145K followers on Instagram.

She is known for her chic and sophisticated style.


Veronica Ferraro

At 745k, there’s no denying this Italian nomads influence.

Her instagram is filled with pics of her breezy, holiday style.


Chiara Biasi

This instagram influencer and youtuber has 2 million followers to her name.

The beauty has a trendy, it-girl status and style to match.


Alessia Marcuzzi

An Italian television host and actress,

Alessia is the designer behind the handbag company, Marks & Angels. Her Instagram account tracks her all over Italy, sharing her modern Mediterranean style.


Francesca Rocco

Salernitana in the heart and Milanese by adoption,

fashion and lifestyle blogger Francesca Rocco is also a lawyer and new mother. Her carefree style makes it hard not to smile back as you scroll through her Instagram.




Alix Bancourt

Bancourt, also known as Alix Cherry, runs the blog “The Cherry Blossom Girl”.

She’s consulted for luxury brands such as Alexander McQueen, and boasts a growing 162 thousand followers on Instagram.


Valentine Vanesse

The former web designer’s Instagram is host to warm images of Vanesse’s wardrobe and travels.

With 106 thousand followers on Instagram and the adorable handle “hellovalentine”, her content is sure to please.


Louise Ebel

Ebel’s follower count may be lower than the aforementioned at 66.5 thousand,

but the Parisian’s content is just as fantastical. Bringing whimsy and femininity to her posts, Ebel shows off the style that landed her a contributing position at Marie Claire Japan.


Daphne Moreau

With work credits from Miu Miu to Hermes,

it's no wonder Moreau’s 130k followers trust her fashion advice. Her personal style is classic and preppy.


Audes Sarkamari

Sarkamari runs caption magazine and works as a PR consultant by day.

Her Instagram has 36.5K subscribers, and showcases an artsy, bohemian aesthetic.


Leia Sfez

Creative director Leia Sfez caters to 118 thousand subscribers on her Instagram.

The mother of two sports an effortless, cool-girl aesthetic.


Syana Laniyan

Injecting some diversity into the scene is Paris native Syana Laniyan.

She approaches her 38 thousand subscribers with a down to earth brand of street style.


Barabara Malewicz

With her two instagrams combined, Barbara Malewicz comes in at over 55 thousand followers.

Known for her edgy, 90s inspired looks, the ASOS ambassador reps the less expected side of Parisian style.


Monica Ainley

She may hail from Canada, but the Paris-based blogger has a distinctly European fashion influence.

Her 45.3 thousand followers come to her for tailored, on-trend fashion inspo.


Franny Fyne

The blogger is known for her mixing of high end, mainstream, and vintage fashion.

Fyne isn’t afraid to play with shapes and colors in the looks she presents to her 6 thousand followers.


Aude Julie

French fashion designer and streetwear expert Aude Julie can always be found rocking a great pair of sneakers.

Her blog Basic is the Mood, created in March 2015, brings readers inspiration in the way of creating simple and effortless streetwear looks with basics.


Jeanne Damas

Designer Jeanne Damas’ style can best be described as sober sophistication meets sensuality.

She showcases iconic Parisienne looks: caracos, mini-skirts, flared jeans and floral dresses. Her style blog, Rouje, is a tribute to all the women who inspired her.


Vanessa Perroud

A self-taught photographer and stylist,

Vanessa likes to have fun with her clothing by finding a balance. Her blog, 1 Armoire Pour 2, was begun in partnership with her boyfriend Kevin Lebreton, and the two still run this style publication as a couple.


Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco

While she sports a daily uniform of “a cashmere sweater and jeans in the winter, and cotton T-shirt and jeans in the summer”,

Samar has no lack of fashion creativity. She was a political journalist before launching her style website, Une Libanaise à Paris, and her label, Das Mot, consisting of tees and sweatshirts with words like habibi and womanist printed on the front.


Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui

Stunning Paris-based fashion blogger Kenza Sadoun-el Glaoui created her blog in 2008.

On her Instagram feed, you will find a visual feast of France’s golden beaches, where she shows off her style.




Caroline Einhoff

Over one million fashion fans follow Caroline Einhoff’s stylish instagram updates,

making her one of Germany’s most successful lifestyle instagrammers. She cleans up with 40k followers.


Caroline Daur

In her shots, Daur documents her latest outfits and gives a shoutout to her favorite fashion brands.

Her followers love her editorial approach to her content.


Jasmin Zaid

With over 170K subscribers on Youtube and instagram,

“Madame Tam Tam” is another at the top of Germany’s radar. The guru has partnered with big names like YSL and Garnier.


Ema Louise

With nearly 600K subscribers,

Louise’s loyal fans come for her tutorials and reviews, and stay for her aesthetic. She’s an undeniable force in Germany’s influencer market.


Ozlem Han-Dalman

With 141K followers, this long-time blogger is a German favorite.

Followers keep tabs on her for her fresh, on-trend style.


Jana Wind

This full-time fashion blogger never seems to sit still.

Her 96.5K followers love to keep track of her refined style and jetsetting locations.


Sharline Davidsen

171k followers and a bad girl style give Sharline Davidsen her influencer edge.

The makeup artist and style enthusiast represents a more refined side of street fashion.


Aminata Belli

The large following behind this youtuber and style influencer is a testament to both her charming personality and down to earth style.

The German-Gambian beauty comes in at 35k on instagram.




Frédérique Harrel

A Paris native but London dweller, Freddie Harrel is now one of the U.K’s better known bloggers.

Her style epitomises the fun side of fashion and she’s the master of vivid colour, statement print and eclectic silhouettes.


Lisa Aiken

Whatever it is that you’re wearing right now is probably thanks to Lisa Aiken.

She’s the Fashion Director at Net-a-Porter. Her website, Two, is an inspirational representation of her personal style.


Lizzy Hadfield

Hadfield focuses on denim, tailored pieces and timeless accessories

to create outfits you can really imagine yourself wearing. She uses a roll of real film each week, which give her shoots that lovely rich graininess that you only get from a film camera.


Camille Charriere

Parisian native Camille Charriere broke away from the law and finance world to pursue her style creativity,

founding Camille Over The Rainbow in 2010. Her instagram is a gorgeous palette of golds, creams, and greys, with pops of hot pink and orange, and it’s everything we want as Spring approaches.


Sarah Mikaela

Sarah Mikaela of Framboise Fashion has made consistent branding her speciality.

Every part of her work is carefully curated in an exceptionally beautiful manner that can only be associated with art. She also shows her charm in her personal commentary.


Grace Victory

Grace Victory’s approach to dressing is a fun and fearless as her personality.

A blogger, vlogger, presenter and self care advocate, Grace Victory has two BBC documentaries under her belt (one an exposé on clean eating another on the puppy trade) as well as a  YouTube channel boasting over 220,000 subscribers.


Shini Park

Shini Park is dedicated to sharing visual stories on fashion and lifestyle through her social media sites.

Her DIY tutorials and how-tos have garnered her mentions in online and print magazines like Vogue France, Vanity Fair and Vogue Girl Korea. Her instagram is a haven for those seeking intriguing and avante-garde inspiration for their aesthetic.


Lucy Williams

Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now is a West London-living modern-day style icon an effortless style.

Understated and consistent, Lucy wears a printed wrap dress like no other. Add her to your Instagram feed and let her inspire everything from your wardrobe to your wanderlust wishlist.


Lyndsey Holland

Lyndsey Holland provides more than styling advice on her blog, Ropes of Holland

She also practices physiotherapy. If you prefer oversized styling and ripped denim, her blog will certainly fit your feed.


Richard Beidul

As a menswear model and influencer,

Richard Biedul features the meeting point of polished but rough around the edges style with ease. He is the definition of perfect styling in any season.


Soraya Bakthiar

An experimentalist with a background of experience at Elle and Tank magazine,

Soraya brings her fashion expertise to life with eclectically styled outfits and the world itself as her backdrops. She also provides how-to styling guides.


Rachael Clifton

Hailing from the North East of England, Rachel Clifton is obsessed with fashion.

A self-declared sucker for a dungaree, anything silver and/or star print, a breton stripe and all varieties of buckle strap shoes, Rachel’s style combines quirky and classic.


Susie Bubble

Susanna Lau of Susie Bubble is the OG of blogging.

She started hers back in 2006 and helped mold Generation Y’s fashion professionals. She took the industry by storm with her prophetic take on styling and is now one of the most recognizable faces in the business. She can be regularly found seated at the front row of Fashion Week’s all over the globe. Her blog is a must read.


Joey London

Joey’s passions for style, culture, and art combine into the creative outlet of his blog, but that’s not his only activity.

He specialises in video, has a successful YouTube channel and also owns a drone. Plus, his love of high street clothing labels such as Reiss and ASOS means that his looks are pretty simple to recreate.


Matthew Zorpas

Creative consultant and university lecturer Matthew Zorpa is also the mind behind The Gentleman Blogger,

A style blog with a wealth of video content. Expect rich, saturated hues, beautiful locations, and polished menswear styling inspiration.


With Fashion Weeks approaching, now is the ideal moment for your brand (no matter the industry!) to thrive by utilizing influencers and the fashion industry as a marketing platform. 

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