Survey Finds Brands Spend big on Influencer Marketing


A new study from the World Federation of Advertisers observed a sharp increase in brands looking to invest in influencer marketing.


Furthermore, the study shows that brands have come to rely on influencers for exposure, as well as reaching niche and underutilized markets.

The research also shows, however, that companies are aware of the influencer markets shortcomings. Brands are making it known that they’re only seeking influencers who can prove they are transparent and credible.


These factors, the study finds, are vital to the reception from an influencers followers.

A whopping 96% of the parties polled brought the research to this conclusion.


The survey was based off of data from 34 companies representing 15 categories of global media. All participants actively use influencers in their marketing (in varying capacities).

World Federation of Advertisers states it will use their findings to create best practices and protocols, working with brands like Uniliever on the study.

“Influencer marketing is becoming a key channel for many marketers but it will only be effective if consumers can trust the influencers by declaring paid relationships and marketers can trust that they are reaching real people not bots,” stated Stephan Loerke, CEO of WFA. “This area has evolved rapidly and this research provides a benchmark revealing how marketing teams and their external partners are managing the new channel.” 

Other key stats from the study: 

-Instagram is the most popular platform for collaboration used by 100% of respondents

-Facebook is second at 85% and YouTube is used by 67%.

-Snapchat is used by 44% of respondents, with Twitter next at 33% followed by blogs on various platforms.


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Vicki Frid