Top 10 Crypto-Influencers and Youtubers

As one of the world’s top influencer agencies, we know that word of mouth is everything. 

In the ICO investment community, motivated modern investors are always looking to discover what’s next, always looking for promising blockchain projects that suggest healthy ROI. Overwhelmingly, the feedback we are receiving from these investors is that there are simply too many projects for them physically research. From Pre-ICO discounts to Post-ICO dips to Pre-Binance listings, there are endless investment opportunities. So increasingly, they are relying on information of these opportunities from the valued opinions of crypto influencers and reviewers that they look up to.

Reviews and interviews from these Youtube personalities have the power to make or break an ICO, helping point hundreds of new investors towards a project. We have a strong network of the most engaging and influential crypto Youtube channels, Telegram groups, LinkedIn Thought leaders, Twitter feeds, blogs etc to put you in the best light possible for investment, whichever stage your project is in.

Ian Balina Crypto-Influencer


1. Ian Balina

One of the most respected voices in cryptocurrency, Ian is an evengelist who understands the value of ICOs and their potential as a fundraising tool.

His investment advice is highly valued and his approval of a new token is a major indicator of future success. Featured in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes, he remains one of the most influential Youtubers in the ICO/Crypto space. 



2. Crypto Daily

Producing comedic market analysis and commentary videos

with a heavy focus on recently released altcoins and ICOs, Crypto Daily is a massive all-in-one channel that’s loved by early and new crypto investors. With a heavy technical market knowledge and a logical approach to investing, he is heavily respected in the Crypto community. 


3. Young and Investing

Quinten of Young and Investing is one of the most influential voices in ICO investing. 

With a focus on discussing the ICO investment market as well as the culture of the space, Young and Investing has a deep and nuanced understanding of cryptocurrency investment trends, providing evidence-supported cases for his predictions and reviews.


4. The Crypto Lark

A highly entertaining crypto enthusiast whose passion for altcoin development has attracted massive recognition and popularity,

The Crypto Lark mixes in some fun into his highly valuable content. Follow this account for reviews, market analysis and detailed interviews with thought leaders in the blockchain community. 


5.  The ICO Reviewer

Focused on weekly reviews of new and existing initial coin offerings,

The ICO reviewer provided high-production analyses. His expertise in altcoin culture and the ICO market helps him make informed predictions about the future success of companies in the space. 

Patrick Wieland Crypto-Influencer

6. Patrick Wieland

Originally a day trader, Patrick uses his background in techincal analysis and stocks to investigate potential ICO investments.

Considered a tastemaker who discusses projects extremely early in their development, Patrick has been successful at predicting which ICOs will succeed and is especially talented at finding diamonds in the rough. 


7. Crush Crypto

Victoria Wong is the co-founder of Crush Crypto,

an independent research group focused on blockchain technology and digital currencies. Focused on the goal of providing high quality fundamental analysis in cryptocurrency investing, she primarily covers altcoin and ICO early investment opportunities.


8. SkrillaKing

Crypto news and market analysis with a focus on altcoins and ICOs, this channel is dedicated to investment research.

His coin picks are known and celebrated by his devoted community and his discussion on potential ICO investments are highly valued by altcoin investors. 


9. Martins Hacks

Martin is an altcoin investor specifically interested in investigating ICO projects as early as possible in their development progression.

While investigating the technical resources of an ICO project and the backgrounds of the development team, Martin produces informed and consistent discussions of the future potential of various ICOs.


10 – CoinBloq

Charles of CoinBloq is an investor highly specialized in ICO research and review.

His vides include multiple possible coins to consider and he regularly produces reviews of upcoming ICOs. He is a consistently valuable and informative resource for any investor trying to get involved with blockchain projects early.


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