How to Use Crypto Influencers for Marketing Your ICO?

With over 2.1 trillion USD of online sales, the marketing space has changed massively over the past 20 years (remember when they said shopping online was going to be a bubble?).

Starting from humble beginnings, influencers have turned daily uploads into a billion dollar industry, wielding the power to make or break a brand.

Influencers are crucial to online marketing.

People have always sought the advice of celebrities, and brands for years have used endorsements to help sell their products. Almost every type of product has been promoted by influencers, which is why it's no surprise that ICOs are now turning to those with a loyal fanbase to help promote their raises. From securities to utility tokens, the crypto-community has sought the advice of popular influencers to help guide their investments.

With over 153k Twitter fans, Ian Balina is considered one of the most popular crypto-influencers

With over 153k Twitter fans, Ian Balina is considered one of the most popular crypto-influencers

Crypto dedicated influencers like Charlie LeeAndreas Antonopolous, and Ian Balina have the power to sway opinions and help active investors participate on your main sale date.

Lifestyle influencers hold a similar power, helping increase awareness for your ICO and product.

This is especially effective when you're working with influencers who are directly connected to your market. Launching an eco-friendly coin? Consider sustainable influencers for your campaign. Planning to use blockchain to change retail? Why not consider influencers who shop like it's their job (many times, it is)?


What to Know About Crypto-Influencers

When developing your influencer-focused ICO marketing campaign it's important to keep two things in mind.

The first is to consider the engagement of the influencers you are planning to work with. The second is to consider the type of content they produce as this will give you a good picture of their audience.

Once you've selected your influencers, it's important to consider how you want them to share the message about your ICO. Consider influencer channels for distributing videos or commenting on white papers about your product. Provide these creators with enough information to formulate some original opinions about your raise and product. 

A single video distributed by influencers has the potential to reach millions and convert thousands. That's massive in cryptoworld. A recent video produced by crypto-influencer Patrick Weiland converted 2k people to take interest in a Telegram group for BaaSid Official , a massive return considering his Youtube channel has a humble 29,000 subscribers. The group now has over 13k members, many invited my those who discovered the ICO through Weiland's channel.


Scaling Your ICO Influencer Campaigns

There are unique problems to consider when working with influencers.

First, there's the time it takes to vet and find qualified influencers for promoting your ICO. On average, it can take over 20 hours a week identifying possible talents, negotiating content and contracting Youtubers and other creators for your campaign. Working with influencers takes a certain level of experience, so it's important to consider a team with experience when scaling your influencer campaigns. 

For ICOs, it's especially important to prove you're not a scammer. No one wants to promote an ICO that's tied to a fraudulent product, so make sure you're properly set up before outreach and be ready to answer questions about your white paper, purpose of your product and why an ICO is necessary. 

There is another reason influencer marketing takes time. Some of influencers aren't as professional as we would like them to be. Sometimes, after weeks of negotiating they don’t even deliver the product as requested or at all. This can be a major set back if their endorsement is needed to build virility around your launch date, so consider hiring an agency with experience to manage your campaigns.


CROWD.Agency is a Leader in Crypto-influencers

CROWD.Agency is well versed in all the things that may go wrong.

We take special care to always make sure our programs succeed, regularly checking in with influencers to make sure our deliverables are met. ICO leaders know that their time is valuable and that it's better to work with an agency when developing influencer campaign. Spend your time developing your project, keeping investors updated and being a public voice ready to promote your ideas.

Time is money. Freeing up time by working with an influencer agency helps you focus on what matters. When you partner with CROWD.Agency, your campaign will run smoothly. Work with us to guarantee placements from some of the most influential voices on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of our influencers are vetted and informed throughout your campaign to ensure all deliverables are met before we release payments to talents. 

With over 20 years in combined influencer experience, CROWD.Agency does more than just find influencers for your campaign, we build partnerships connecting to hundreds of talents, building a level of trust and awareness about your offering. In addition, we make long lasting friendships with our influencers so the level of trust goes beyond business. It becomes a partnership.


For more details on our influencer relations and for more advice on marketing your ICO through influencers, visit CROWD.Agency.  or email us at