Mary Meeker Releases Internet Trends Report for 2018

The tech sector has been waiting with bated breath for Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report,

a gigantic slide deck (294 slides this year) outlining the key industry shifts and important developments to track, plus some advice on handling the next major evolutions.

Meeker, a venture capitalist and partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, gets her insight into the development of the web and its subsequent offshoots from her heavy involvement in the tech industry over the past 30 years.

The full report is available here, but we’ve compiled an overview of the social media and digital marketing-related elements that Meeker highlighted this year.


To start, Meeker notes that the mobile advertising sector still holds a lot of significant opportunities.

The time spent vs. ad dollar ratios are more aligned than they have been in previous years, but the potential for more growth is there.

As demonstrated above, print advertising and TV still over-index, while mobile time spent continues to outpace cost allocation. It’s tempting to stick to the legacy tried-and-true methods like these, but as noted, the charts are coming further into alignment over time.


Meeker notes as well that despite the slowing of smartphone shipments, people are spending more time online, especially on mobile devices.

Increased durability of smartphones is likely responsible for the slowing of shipments, but it’s also the lack of game-changing developments in later models. Whereas it was once crucial to update your smartphone, at this point the hype is greater than the actual need.


Task-simplifying digital options are booming at the moment-- Meeker’s report highlights the success of apps like Square and Spotify as well as a marked increase in the use of digital payment methods. Convenience, it’s clear to see, is steadily gaining priority over past security concerns.

Issues like Facebook’s recent data privacy scandal raise concerns certainly raise concerns about data security and misuse, but the numbers demonstrate a clear preference for the benefits of these tools over any potential problems.


Meeker’s report also shows the growth of messaging apps.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, that number is likely to go up-- users are increasingly aware of which information they’re sending into the public forum. As we start to see that the personal insights we projected during the first wave of social media can be used against us, it’s extremely likely that people using social media will turn back to private communication for certain personal details.

Facebook can still glean a few data insights from your private messages, but their renewed commitment to unintrusive conduct means that your discussions will be confined to smaller groups and remain off your permanent public record.


Mobile video consumption, and gaming content in particular, continues to rise, according to the report.


Smart home assistants are also seeing a uptick in popularity.

It remains to be seen how the recent issues with Amazon’s Echo device sharing personal conversations with contacts due to audio recognition errors will affect these numbers.


The Meeker report also highlights the latest developments in product discovery and the path to purchase, noting the increasing importance of social media platforms to this process.


At the moment, Google is still the key platform for product search, but social networks are taking on a larger role.

This appears to come from the increased personalization possible in social media spaces.


Mobile-based shopping is also rising quickly as an advertising force.

This is also worth a look:


The obvious growth in ‘near me’ searches highlight both the increase in mobile search usage, as well as the importance of incorporating this behavior into your SEO practices.

Much more is included in the full report-- it contains examinations of the global growth of artificial intelligence, the rising debate over data privacy, broader economic trends, and the various approaches being taken to each of these issues. If you’re interested in getting a look at where things are headed, and why social platforms are making particular moves, you can see the full report here.


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