10 Instagram Statistics for Your 2018 Strategy

Social media insights are already helping us craft our marketing strategies; they allow us to determine top-performing content and adjust as needed.

However, a broader scope of data, especially data on a social media platform as its own entity, can also be extremely informative as you try to stay on top of the changing market.

Keeping an eye on the statistics can help you predict trends and isolate opportunities. Below, you will find Instagram stat that could be extremely valuable when planning your 2018 strategy for this platform.



70% of Hashtags on Instagram Are Branded

It is pretty well established that brand engagement is higher on Instagram than on any other social media channel. With this in mind, brands are developing and deploying their own hashtags to help draw the conversation in the right direction. Campaign-specific hashtags are demonstrably useful for boosting visibility, especially in light of the hashtag-following tool that Instagram has recently released. Consider making one as you form your campaign strategy.



71% of US Businesses Are Using Instagram in 2017

There are more brands than ever before forming presences on Instagram, which means more competition for your business. Specifically, there are over a million brands advertising on the platform, which is a pretty high level of brand saturation. Thus, it’s crucial to tell your story in a compelling way, and give your existing and potential customers a visual representation of why you’re unique.



80% of Users Follow At Least One Business on Instagram

Instagram users have proven themselves willing to add brands to their list of followed accounts, provided that their content remains high-quality. Unlike traditional marketing, which can feel like blasting a message out to unresponsive and unwilling audiences, Instagram is a space in which social consumers don’t seem to mind interacting with brands. Establish a presence and a personality, and users will come to you.



Instagram Expects to Accrue $4 Billion in Mobile Ad Revenue in 2018

As competition increases, so does the cost of clicks and engagement. If you’re not testing advertising on Instagram already, you’re missing the boat-- it’s definitely wise to allocate some budget to Instagram ads while the cost per result remains reasonable.



Posts with a Location Get 79% More Engagement

If you want to see even more engagement on your posts, tag a location. You can do this for your Stories as well as your regular content. Adding a location helps users find it in search, and it’s proven statistically to increase click numbers.




70% of Instagram Posts Don't Get Seen

There’s a lot of content on Instagram, and most of it won’t be seen. Use the tools provided on the platform: always employ the appropriate hashtags, tag the right accounts, and include locations to keep your posts visible among the multitudes. Stick to a consistent posting schedule as well-- check out your analytics to find out what times your demographic is most active, and post every day around that time for the best chance of reaching them.



Instagram Photos Generate 36% More Engagement Than Videos

Facebook is experimenting a lot with video these days, but on Instagram, photos are still the top currency. Whether this is due to data usage or user attention span is unclear. Either way, you don’t have to stop posting videos where appropriate, but it’s probably best to allocate your energy toward photos.



65% of Top-Performing Instagram Posts Feature Products

With users increasingly turning towards their favorite influencers to review products they’re thinking of trying, the stats show that top Instagram posts frequently feature merchandise.

Be conscious of using images which show the functionality of your products, and always be on the lookout for user-generated content that contains your branded hashtags.



Photos with Faces Get 38% More Likes

People like looking at other people a lot more than they like looking at objects. Whether you’re a small business or a nationally recognized brand, custom creative performs worse, engagement-wise, than authentic images centered around people.

Populate and humanize your Instagram content for a consistently higher rate of engagement.



User-Generated Content Has a 4.5% Higher Conversion Rate

Organic, user-generated content is the best tool in the box. Studies have shown that leveraging this content can increase overall engagement, lower cost per click metrics, and increase click through rates for paid advertisements. As we mentioned above, consumers depend on influencers to, well, influence their purchasing decisions.

Consider influencer ambassadorships. Give a human touch to your Instagram content, especially the ads, and your conversion rate is sure to improve.

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