Top Ten: LA Food Bloggers

Feast your eyes on the finest food photography out of Los Angeles, California. 

Eddie Sanchez


Founder of the blog Hungry in L.A., Eddie Sanchez was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he exercises his ardent love for the city and its food.

On his blog, you'll find a combination of his three greatest interests: food, photography, and travel. He reviews restaurants and beautiful destinations, recommending the best places to eat and visit. 


Caroline Pardilla


Caroline Pardilla is the founder of the blog Caroline on Crack.

She was one of the first cocktail bloggers in L.A, and was the winner of three of LA Weekly‘s Los Angeles Web Awards. She reviews restaurants and bars, finding the best deals in town. Pardilla has a weekend gig announcing events on Carson Daly’s “AMP Mornings” radio show, but spends most of her time curating drink recipes, budget finds, and boozy bar listicles for Caroline on Crack. 


Lisa and Ben Waters


Ben and Lisa Waters showcase the food wonders of Los Angeles on their blog, L.A. Foodie.

The site has its own Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and Facebook accounts; and even a podcast. The couple and their extensive food expertise have paired with Google, Pepsi, and Verizon, as well as several local organizations. They find and document the best food in L.A. and post the photos on their Instagram, making the mouths of all their 118k followers water. 




Corey, the mysterious Miss Foodie, is part social influencer and part culinary expert.

She brings a healthy dose of fun and flair to her knowledgeable recommendations and artful food photos. Corey's Insta feed is a rainbow journey through food not just local to LA, but all over the world. Plate photography, video content, and well-dressed cameos make this an account well worth following.

The Offalo.jpg

The Offalo


The Offalo, as they proclaim on their Insta feed, is "just a tech geek waxing gastronomic."

This humble admission is a fitting preface for the feed of a blogger who has both the photography chops of a tech geek paired and the insightful information of a serious taste tester. There are no selfies to be found on this Instagram feed, which puts the food front and center-- but that hasn't driven off 20.1k dedicated followers. 


Bill Esparza


Sometimes, culinary expertise means making up words.

Bill Esparza, the world's first “tacorazza” is an expert in Latin American cuisines. Esparza has gained a lot of notoriety, including a James Beard award for his food coverage in Los Angeles magazine, a position curating selections for LA Weekly’s Tacolandia, and running Club Tengo Hambre. Before you visit his Instagram, make sure there's a taco truck nearby. 


Wonho Frank Lee


If you're looking for a course in professional food photography, look no further than Wonho Frank Lee’s Instagram feed.

Wonho is the guy behind many of Eater LA’s best shots. Not much is known about the photographer-- he tends to let his artwork speak for itself. He loves capturing food, people, and places on his website, but keeps his Instagram focused on culinary images. 


Lindsey Baruch


Committed to maintaining a positive lifestyle, Lindsey Baruch's Instagram is a joyful celebration of food.

Lindsey's open to all culinary experiences; from Thai tea floats to street tacos, she'll travel anywhere and try anything. We tried to nail down a favored cuisine on her Insta feed, but it appears that all good food is equal in her eyes. 


Jakob Layman


The founding photo editor of Time Out LA, Jakob now regularly freelances for local and international publications as well as brand marketing campaigns and activations.

He's an expert at restaurant and bar photography, and nowhere is that more visible than his impeccable Instagram feed.


Nastassia Johnson


Nastassia, a self-referred donut fiend, is the sweet tooth behind the blog and Instagram Let Me Eat Cake.

Backed by a full range of food service experience, she founded Let Me Eat Cake as an exploration of the sweeter side of life. Nastassia is immersed in LA’s food community and takes great pride knowing the ins and outs of the LA food scene. Follow her for some truly spectacular dessert photos. 


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