Keep Your YouTube Channel Managed With These Three Tools

YouTube is one of the widest-reaching, most creatively prolific platforms around.

Billions of hours of content are viewed there every day, and most of the most popular social influencers in the world have channels on the site. It should be no secret to marketers that there are countless ways to use YouTube to reach people and build an engaged community.

The site has unmatched video reach, as well as increased SEO power, since it’s owned by Google. So how do you use it to its fullest advantage? Let’s look at a few of the common challenges marketers face when attempting to manage a YouTube presence, and how they can be bested using three specialized tools.

What makes YouTube different in terms of management?

If you ask popular YouTubers about their struggles with the platform, they’ll usually cite difficulties maintaining and moderating their channels. Once you hit a certain number of subscribers (especially if that number is in the millions) it’s not possible to respond to all the comments, nor to keep track of the details that need updating. Managing the account can really cut into the time available for creating new content. 

As we know, however, engaging with our audiences on a regular basis is the key to building an interested community. It’s not as easy to do with YouTube as it is with some other platforms-- there aren’t as many tools to help you manage your account. And while the site is video-content focused, carving out time to actively engage with viewers is what sets popular channels apart. So how do you stay on top of your YouTube activity? Here are a few of the best tools to help you get better results from the platform. 



vidIQ is a great companion tool for serious vloggers.

It’s certified by YouTube, so you know it has maximized compatibility. On a basic level, the tool will help you manage your comments and check your analytics. But it also contains several other useful features-- for one, it allows you to collaborate with multiple team members, which is especially handy if you’re working as part of a creative force. Busy accounts can’t really be managed by one person; with vidIQ, each member can be assigned a role, as well as their own specific permissions. That way, you can build a workflow and avoid any confusion over who needs to do what. 

Additionally, it has features to boost SEO even further, like suggestions of popular tags based on search trends. It also offers keyword suggestions for a variety of content categories. These tools can be used alongside the platform’s basic access to your channel analytics to track engagement and gain insight into your audience.



Agorapulse is among the few tools that supports YouTube, but it’s also a multi-platform social media tool

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ can also be managed through Agorapulse. 

For YouTubers in particular, however, the tool is massively beneficial. Thanks to the Social Inbox feature, comment moderation is easy; you can check all your comments in the Inbox and respond from there. You can also connect Agorapulse to a CRM tool, so you can check if you’ve interacted with specific users previously. 

You’ll also have the chance to input and save replies to common questions, so you can quickly and easily provide the correct response for specific comments. 

As an added plus, you can handle pre-moderation through Agorapulse-- you’ll be able to remove offensive comments and trolls before they do any damage. 

Like with vidIQ, Agorapulse allows you to collaborate with other users. You can also monitor your brand name to see any mentions across YouTube, so you can respond or take actions if necessary. 



TubeBuddy is a browser extension and Youtube Management tool that is packed with useful tools and features. These can be mostly broken down into five categories:

  • Productivity

  • Video SEO

  • Bulk Processing

  • Data and Research

  • Promotion

In terms of your engagement strategy, this tool in particular is great for managing comments. You can filter them in myriad ways (eg. those you haven’t replied to yet, those that have a question, those that contain a positive or negative sentiment) and prioritize as you desire. You can also schedule your videos ahead of time, use end screen templates to quickly add calls to action on your videos, and create template responses to common questions.



YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, which makes it a treasure trove of opportunities for marketers.

And while the ultimate goal is to grow your channel as large as possible, it becomes exponentially harder to manage as it succeeds. As a brand, your need to monitor mentions and interact with viewers is greater than that of individual vloggers. You also need to be prepared for damage control-- customer service issues and complaints need addressing ASAP. 

The three tools above will help you keep your account under control and running smoothly. 

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