Google Trends Rolls Out Updates for Greater Utility

If you’re up-to-date on all the ways you can benefit from checking out your analytics, then you’re already familiar with Google Trends. It’s a key resource for digital marketers; it allows you to find information on how specific search terms have evolved by date, by region, and by commonly related queries, all of which can help you stay on track as the winds change.

Content creators have access to numerous special features as well, like charts and graphics that can be repurposed to compliment their insights.

We can always count on Google to keep rolling out updates, and the latest one has just been revealed. The Trends tool has been refurbished to include a range of new visualization tools and search features to make it more comprehensive and helpful.

Google Trends 1.png

First on the list of remodeled elements is the Trending Search Section, which now includes real-time visuals of what’s trending both daily and minute-by-minute.

Trends also now provides insights into big and breaking news subject, These data stories are curated by the News Lab Team, and you’ll be able to see the information cycle on things like the Royal Wedding and Mother’s Day. Also included in the update is access to amazing examples of Google data visualizations, created by newsroom designers all over the world.

Google Trends 2.png

The ‘Year in Search’ data reports have shifted right to the front page

so not only are they easier to access, you can see how search interest has changed over time, since the data goes back to 2001. Plus, you can compare different topics in a more meaningful way thanks to new infographic types, like intensity maps.

Google Trends 3.png

The way we view and use search data is more complex than ever, and Google is at the forefront of tech designed to simplify the process.

Paired with the additional data filters and options added to Trends late last year, these most recent updates provide additional utility to a tool marketers already find indispensable.

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