Insta Improves Business Profiles with New Inbox Features

As businesses sprint toward Instagram as a sales platform, the social media site is finally rolling out a much-needed update to their messaging platform.


Before now, Instagram has treated the messages between users and businesses the same way it treats messages between individual people-- unless a business follows you, they won’t be notified if you send them a message. The message will stagnate in the “pending” folder until someone at the business approves the communication.

For individuals, that format offers a measure of security.

For businesses, it’s not the most effective way to conduct customer interactions.

Thankfully, Instagram has updated their inbox options for business pages.

“Now you'll see important new customer messages in your main Direct inbox, instead of in the pending folder. You can also star and filter your conversations to come back to messages you want to follow up on.”

With these new options on hand, users will be able to connect with businesses in a more direct way, rather than through comments on posts.

Instagram may not be famous for its messaging capabilities, but with 375 million of the platform’s 800 million users sending messages and interacting via DM each month, an update like this is a clear move in the right direction.

More than 150 million users already connect with brands through Instagram Direct every month, “with a third of those messages beginning with an Instagram Story”. This number continues to highlight the importance and growth of Instagram Stories for driving business.

Not to mention, Instagram has also added quick replies-- a function that allows businesses to set up basic, templated message responses for frequently asked questions. And in order to streamline the process even further, businesses can now employ “Action Buttons” on their profiles.

“Through our action buttons, people can now ‘Reserve’, ‘Get Tickets’, ‘Start Order’ or ‘Book’ through popular, third-party partners without having to leave Instagram.”

The new buttons are reminiscent of Facebook’s ‘call to action’ buttons for Pages, and like them, will enable more user agency.

This should cut down on business response time in its own right, as customers will no longer have to go through a human representative to perform whatever action they’re attempting. In concert with the new expansions to its Shopping Tags, Instagram will be able to drive better bottom-line results than ever before, and further motivate businesses to build their presence on the app.

The changes to Direct Inbox for business profiles is currently active. Most brands will have to wait a little for the action buttons, however, while as Instagram tests them with a range of partners before rolling them out to everyone. With 800 million users and frequent updates to its capabilities, the appeal of Instagram as a business tool is impossible to ignore. For tech news and social media updates, visit CROWD. or send an email to

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