Top Ten UK Fitness Bloggers

It's nearly summer, and most of us are looking for ways to get healthier as the weather improves.

These ten fitness bloggers are sure to fill you with determination for your own fitness journey. 


Faya Nilson

Fitness on Toast

Half-Swedish half-English personal trainer Faya Nilsson created Fitness on Toast in 2013.

Combining fitness, fashion, and nutrition, Faya shares the holistic way of living and offers nutritional advice, recipes, workouts, sports fashion, and informative ideas that can help you find success on your fitness journey. 


Charlie Watson

The Runner Beans

Marathon runner, fitness junkie and self-professed foodie Charlie Watson created her blog,

The Runner Beans, with a simple mission: to make fitness and healthy eating simple, approachable, realistic and without missing out on any of the good things in life. The award-winning blog features sportswear reviews, workout and exercise tips, marathon experiences, and provides uplifting and informative posts on general well-being, fitness, and mental health.


Julie Creffield

The Fat Girl's Guide to Running

Julie Creffield is not your typical runner.

She created her blog, The Fat Girls Guide To Running, while on a mission to prove that being fit doesn’t necessarily have to mean being slim. Her running club motivates and encourages larger women to exercise and embrace their bodies, while helping them to develop a healthier and happier lifestyle. The blog to provides marathon and running advice, details on routes her group takes, and updates and successes from members of the club.


Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna Van Dijk's eponymous blog covers healthy living, from recipes and great eateries to high intensity workouts and staying fit while travelling.

She's a personal trainer, coach, blogger, vlogger, social media fanatic, author and the first female UK Adidas Global Ambassador. Zanna is passionate about empowering women and is a co-founder of the #girlgains movement – a community that brings together hundreds of women at inspirational live events.


Carly Rowena

Personal trainer, author and fitness blogger Carly Rowena established her self-named blog to encourage others to strive for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Carly has also launched Retreats, where guests can join her on healthy holidays to desirable destinations around the world. Carly's followers look to her for advice about independence and finding a healthy and happy way to feel incredible in one's own skin. 


Elle Linton

Keep it simpElle

Elle Linton is a 30-something Fitness Pro, Entrepreneur and Masters Student.

She founded her blog, Keep it simpElle, in 2012 as a place to share her contributions to the London 2012 Olympics and the legacy that was created after the event. It has since evolved into a resource that aims to inspire, motivate and empower readers through workouts, experience and good food. Elle has also launched an online community, for bloggers based in London, and an events company called Borrow My // Blender.


Laura Fountain

Lazy Girl Running

Laura Fountain is crazy about running.

Having completed several marathons and even a couple of ultramarathons, Laura documents her love of running on Lazy Girl Running, where she also shares training guides, support resources, and coaching. Laura is now also a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness and a Level 3 Personal Trainer, as well as the author of two books and a number of journalistic pieces specialising in women's health.


Lucy Edwards

Paddle Pedal Pace

Triathlete Lucy Edwards began fitness blogging in 2013.

A self-professed former gym bunny, Lucy participated in her first triathlon in 2014, and has since completed several Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons alongside individual cycling, running, and swimming events. Lucy champions the participation of women in triathlon, and has recently partnered with a number of brands in the capacity of ambassador. Paddle Pedal Pace also boasts numerous awards.


Emma Lax and Charlotte Thomas

Lunges and Lycra

Lunges and Lycra is for women who like sweating, fitness, and the odd nip of gin.

Emma Lax and Charlotte Thomas created the blog in 2012 after getting frustrated with the patronising male-dominated sports magazines that were prevalent after the London Olympics. The blog follows the pair on their travels and adventures, while covering workouts, fitness events, marathons, running and tips for the mind.


Paul Stainthorpe

Father Fitness

Paul Stainthorpe created Father Fitness to document his fitness journey after becoming a first-time dad.

The dad of two, dedicated to setting an example for his kids, explored a variety of different workout techniques before finding the right balance for him. Father Fitness shares is hard-earned expertise, and has expanded to cover charity work, exercising around kids, family, health, nutrition, weight loss and product reviews.

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