Facebook's New Live Video Creator App is an Influencer's Dream Tool

If you’ve heard Mark Zuckerberg speak over the last few months, you may have heard that Facebook is ready to take mindless scrolling and passive video consumption and turn it into “time well spent.”

To that end, the social media giant has just launched the Facebook Creator app, aimed specifically at social media influencers both big and small.

Creator offers influencers a Live Creative Kit for their videos within the site. Tools in this kit include the ability to make intros and outros for broadcasts, a multi-platform inbox, and expansive analytics. Additionally, the website Facebook for Creators provides tips for growing your fan base and answers to various FAQs.

The app, which was originally promised back in June 2017, launched in November and is essentially a rebrand of the 2014 Facebook Mentions app. In this new version, however, the mechanism is open to everyone-- not just verified public figures and pages. And while Android users will have to wait a little longer, iOS users can immediately begin using Facebook Creator, although it still appears as “Mentions” in the app store.

“It’s a big priority for us to bring people closer together around meaningful content and the people who are meaningful to them,” Facebook’s VP of video product Fidji Simo stated. “Creators are right at the intersection of everything we think is pretty unique about Facebook.”

And with Facebook’s unwavering dedication to fostering communities and providing opportunities for connection, it’s no surprise that the app has made a comeback aimed at influencers. “The idea was there to give them a one-stop-shop for all the functionality to manage their presence on the go,” Simo explains about the Creator app, which breaks down into four parts.

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Live Creative Kit

The Live Creative Kit is a valuable asset for any influencer making live broadcast on a regular basis.

Want to open your video with a theme song? Or incorporate an outro with all your social media handles? All you have to do is upload your bumpers, and Facebook will automatically put them on either side of your broadcast. Simo notes that “[Creators] were saying Live is cool because it’s raw and authentic, but they’d like to be able to introduce every time what their show is about or what the theme is about.”

Makers can also use graph frames to add customized borders around their videos, as well as personalized reactions that allow viewers to expand beyond Facebook’s standard six emoji options. This customization ability will be helpful in setting a unique tone for the creator’s content, helping their brand to stand out. It also allows viewers to connect in a way that feels more authentic to what they wish to express. With options like these in place, Facebook Live outshines Twitter’s Periscope, and could even become a more popular option than Youtube Live.


Unified Inbox

Any social media influencer knows that managing your brand across platforms can be both vexatious and time-consuming.

With Creator, influencers can consolidate comments and messages from Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and even Twitter into a single inbox. That could make it much more streamlined to actually hold a conversation with fans or respond to comments instead of just being an old-school one-way broadcaster.  

Additionally, makers can now more easily scroll through and encourage fan reactions, not to mention weed out any trolls that may have wandered into their feed. The stronger and cleaner the follower response, the more likely brands will come along with sponsorships.


Stories & Camera

Access to Facebook Camera and Stories is easy from the new app, keeping focus on the platform’s augmented reality and sharing features.

Users can also cross-post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, reducing some of the stress of managing omnichannel marketing. With the most popular platforms bundled together in one dashboard, Facebook hopes to encourage quality content creation.



For some time, creators wishing to examine their analytics have been obligated to dig around in the Pages app.

Inside The Creator app, however, stats easy to find and easy to follow. A strong knowledge of fan demographics helps social media stars determine not only what they should be doing more or less of, but it also indicates what kinds of brands might be best for sponsorships.


What's Missing?

All these new tools might begin to pull stars away from competitors like Youtube, with its Studio app, or Snapchat, who just recently announced its willingness to work with influencers.

However, the Creator app is yet to offer new ways for them to monetize their content. User’s can’t subscribe or tip, and creators are unable to inject revenue-sharing ad breaks into their videos. Although Facebook is primed to generate revenue from ad impressions, at the moment, content creators can only rely on tagging sponsors with Facebook’s partnership tagging feature.

Simo, at least, recognizes the need for development on that front. “It’s not a one size fits all when it comes to monetization,” he said. “[Creators] all need a lot of different things. We’re open to exploring a lot of different business models but on that front nothing to announce at this time.”

Users have also lamented Facebook’s lack of integration with Groups in the new app. Plenty of influencers have developed their own Facebook Groups to gather their fan bases-- and not only can their followers interact with them in such a space, they can also interact with one another. Fostering a home for both their content and their community is an invaluable resource for a social media star. Unfortunately, the Creator app doesn’t do much to deal with that reality.

Facebook’s 2 billion user count makes it a unique platform-- unlike Youtube, which people visit simply to be entertained, Facebook’s main draw is its community-mindedness. People come to see their friends, and in doing so, spread word about new and established content creators. The Creator app is primed to help Facebook’s vision of bringing people closer around meaningful content, and we will be keeping an eye out for additions that will skyrocket Creator to the top of the influencer toolset.


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