Why Instagram Stories Are Becoming More Popular Than Snapchat For Influencers

Almost a year and a half after its launch, Instagram Stories has already proven itself to be a success story. At eight months old, it boasted more than 40 million more daily users than Snapchat. As of November 2017, it reportedly had 250 million Story users worldwide.

It was initially seen as a copycat feature similar to its preceding competitor but it is increasing in popularity for users and is becoming the preferred story-sharing platform for influencers and advertisers.

Influencers posted an average of 7.6 stories per day on Instagram in comparison to 3.6 stories on Snapchat. This increase is due to a number of reasons: Instagram has a wider reach, it is difficult to find users on Snapchat, Instagram allows for direct links and hashtag integration, Instagram stories are higher quality than their competitor, and Stories can provide for more in-depth information to marketers and advertisers.

Instagram itself has a growing audience of 800 million users as of September 2017. At the launch of Stories in 2016, it made sense for influencers to use a platform with more users in order to reach a bigger demographic. Instagram provides a one-stop-shop for users and influencers social media needs by doing what Snapchat can do and more.

On Instagram Stories, users can link viewers to other profiles directly and use hashtags. This is not available nor possible on Snapchat. This element is essential to continuing a narrative and pointing viewers to other profiles and parallel posts. Instagram Stories are posted in higher quality than posts on Snapchat. Regardless of how aesthetically striking a photo is, nothing kills the look of a post more than blurriness. Instagram is not perfect but the in-app camera quality is much clearer than Snapchat. Stories also allows for users to post high-quality images from their camera roll seamlessly. Brands want their images showcased in the best light possible which is more possible with Instagram.


Instagram provides firms with follower counts, website clicks, impressions to a particular story’s reach, demographics, and engagement. Snapchat can’t provide that many analytics and thus, falls short of providing the necessary statistics to advertisers. All of this information is supremely important to marketers as they can see what worked, what didn’t, and how to improve. Even the top Snapchat influencers posted 25% more on Instagram Stories. Overall Snapchat influencer use is down 33%. While content is essential, it is not always enough. Instagram has mastered the balance of artistic and promotional content through their Story feature, giving influencers another platform to spread their influence through.     

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TrendsVicki Frid