Why Consumers Trust Influencers Over Celebrities

In this media saturated world, consumers are always the target for marketing. Since the 1920’s, brands have utilized celebrity endorsements to promote their products.

Thanks to the growth of social media, those endorsements have expanded to utilizing the of endorsements of “influencers.” Consumers are typically aware of when a brand is trying to influence the purchase of a particular product. Millenials are hyper aware of the online advertising being done by marketers. They are the largest generation in U.S. history and make up $1.3 trillion in buying power annually. 85% of that is done on their smartphones. As appealing as this demographic is for marketers, they also present many challenges as well because of their social media intelligence, need for authentic content, and the utilization of ad blockers.

Influencers cater to the need of authentication that celebrities cannot. Influencers typically engage with their followers more frequently through messages, provide their opinions on products, share their personalities, provide a look into their personal lives, and overall feel more accessible in comparison to their celebrity counterparts. Their actions create influencer-consumer relationships and trust.


Influencers accumulate large followings through their content, distinct style, and personality. This brings up the chances for consumers to be more likely to care about the products being shared. Influencers provide brands a unique gateway to consumers that are receptive to the products that are being presented to them. This type of marketing provides a more organic looking way to get in front of buyers who will be interested in purchasing their products.

Celebrity endorsements aren’t being taken as seriously as they previously were as they lack authenticity and reliability that can be found in influencers. Influencers often have photographic or artistic backgrounds that are used as on their social media platforms as they promote using visual aesthetic content. Their backgrounds are clear in influencer-brand collaborations as they are equally as subtle as they are powerful in effect. Furthermore, the chances of followers feeling bombarded by advertisements are lower and followers are more likely to care about the product being promoted.  

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