Four, Five, Six: How Many Figures Are Influencers Making Per Post?

Gal meets Glam   Julia Engel made the list

Gal meets Glam

Julia Engel made the list

When Forbes released its first-ever Top Influencers list, we ran down their rates for sponsored YouTube and Instagram posts. Videos make top dollar, but Insta is a more than respectable revenue stream for folks willing to weave branding into their content.

Yoga mogul Rachel Brathen was very forthcoming about her revenue, remarking that she makes $25,000 or more with every Insta post. Lyzbeth Lopez has a more variable pipeline, and as such sees as much as twenty to one hundred thousand dollars for a full campaign, and $3-4,000 for a one-off branded post.

Not every influencer was so free with their data, so for those looking to take a deeper dive, check out this wonderful infographic put together by the folks at Captiv8!

Captiv8 is an influencer analytics platform that recently looked into what returns content creators across multiple platforms can expect (on average) based on their following. As you can see, Insta is clustered with snapchat and facebook, while Twitter lags behind due to its brief and ephemeral format - and YouTube reigns supreme.


But hey, micro-influencers are nothing to scoff at either, especially if their content stream is based around an existing connectable and buildable career. At 100,000 followers on Instagram, someone can already expect to make as much as $5,000 from a well-targeted sponsored post! Check out the deets from the original list on Forbes’ own methodology page.

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