How Trending Influencers Are Monetizing Twitter

This past September, Twitter premiered Amplify Push, a new service for tastemakers on the platform looking to bring in more advertising revenue from video content.

Creators in the United States are now able to voluntarily run prestitial ads from which they see a direct cut of the proceeds (along with Twitter itself, naturally).

Twitter’s creator revenue program has been expanding since the fall of 2016, and along with quality of life improvements such as the wide release of 280 character tweets, the social media juggernaut is looking to grow in both scope and depth. Amplify push is modular, meaning that influencers can opt into ads tweet-by-tweet, or across all their published content.

Previously, high-profile Twitterers had to rely on Niche (Twitter’s own networking club of over 35,000 creators and the brands that utilize them), or on their own personal outreach to score paid, branded content. Now they can simply check a box, and proceed to uploading, managing, and publishing sponsored media.


It’s actually a rather favorable deal for the creators, who will receive 70% of ad revenue to Twitter’s 30%. This dwarfs YouTube’s previously competitive 45% cut for influencers, though unlocking Amplify Push does require approval by Twitter itself on a creator-by-creator basis.

The Twitterati will have plenty of other new toys to play with as well, since the Media Studio has received a video, image, and GIF library, as well as upgrades to tweet scheduling and team management support.

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