CROWD. for Kaya Tea

Reinventing Traditional Moroccan Tea

Kaya Tea is out to reinvent Moroccan tea. As part of CROWD.’s project, #crowdinvites, we invited 12 influencers to experience The Oasis Festival in Marrakech, Morocco on behalf of the brand. We contracted Clio Pajczer, Isabelle Turinetti, Yusra Idrissi, Malak El Abbouyi, Silvia Diez, Iris Dijkers, Marlot Willems, Jacqueline Gidlof, Klemens Weib, Hannah Pot d’Or, Zaina Aguenaou and Mohcine Aoki to be activated as the influencers for this campaign.

The influencers were chosen to create organic social promotion of Kaya Tea through their individual social media channels throughout the duration of the event.  Activation included dedicated editorials, video and social, live event coverage, and original content featuring Kaya Tea.  


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