The Magnificent Seven of French Instagram

Every recipe for cool shares one ingredient: the ability to seem as if you don’t really care.

We scoured Instagram for seven French style icons who embody this timeless truth. It’s not on these ladies to prove themselves to us. It’s on the rest of the world to impress Paris.

That’s not to say that these Gallic gals are phoning it in. Rather, it’s their effortless mystique that makes them such perfect representatives of French fashion. Their public secret? Paris itself. You couldn’t take a bad Insta pic in the City of Lights if you tried.




Madame Exarchopolous could be seen at the Puma and Louis Vuitton presentations at Paris Fashion Week in 2016, and has worked with the latter personally as an actress and model. She first entered the popular imagination when she starred in Blue Is the Warmest Color back in 2014, and shows no signs of falling off the map.




Leticia Casta’s younger sister keeps making a name for herself through social media and fashion! Marie-Ange has been the subject of editorial spreads in Cosmopolitan France and L’Officiel, in addition to gracing the 2017 PFW front row with her chic presence. 




Another L’Officiel It Girl, Robert has also made recent appearances in Vogue (Russia and Taiwan!) and Glamour France. Her signature pouty brunette looks are unmistakably French and unmistakably Instagram gold.




The 29 year old actress with the winning smile continues to naturally grow her social media following in tandem with her career. Moving from television and short films to starring in features, Giradot doesn’t follow fashion, it follows her.




The queen of street style photos of French fashion on Instagram, Damas is the founder of the Rouje Paris label. The streamlined site connects an Insta-esque feed directly to purchase pages. Simple, elegant design; just like the looks.




Jean Paul Gaultier’s latest muse is just eighteen years old, and she has already been modeling for years. The daughter of Franco-Senegalese actress Karine Silla and actor Vincent Perez, Iman is already cultural royalty, and followers keep on rallying to her social media banner.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 14.13.53.png



Follain is an avid Instagrammer, and her influence starts with a look that can only be described as timelessly French. Her immaculate bangs and doe eyes evoke a young Jane Birkin, and we expect to look for her look in the front row of many Fashion Weeks to come.

Maria Vasbotten