The Continental: 5 Top European Trendsetters

Ah, Europa.

The Union, not the moon. We’ve rounded up five fashion and lifestyle influencers from the continental set. Consider it a tour of sorts, and make sure to follow each of our picks for pics and inspiration.

The Street Muse is home to Melanie Galea, and she is our window into the Italian peninsula. More than a skillful eye for photography and a great hand at blogging, Melanie works as the creative director of multiple celebrated fashion editorials. Her style speaks to Italy with the sense of timeless grace that the land of romance deserves.

The Iberian peninsula is a different animal all together, and our guide in Spain is none other than Priscila Betancort of My Showroom. She covers it all - from everyday beauty advice, to fashion inspiration, to full on fashion week journalism. Her blog is a treasure trove of real Madrid style.


Next up, gay París, and your introduction to Adenorah Anne-Laure Mais. Her meteoric rise has attracted collaborations with prestigious brands ranging from Clinique France to Aritzia. Fashion first and fashion forward, Adenorah’s Insta includes glimpses of local runways woven throughout her already glamorous life.

Tie Bow-Tie is a veritable cornucopia of European and Near Eastern culture. The vistas that form the backdrop for Viktoriya Sener’s Insta posts and blog entries are perhaps the most awe-inspiring of any on our list. The Turkish editorial’s aesthetic is part Russian, part Mediterranean, and all Anatolian.


The last stop on our journey is the iconoclastic Jana Wind, who rejects the “influencer” label and considers herself a blogger first and foremost. Her ethereal style and love of nature forms a sharp contrast to the typical perception of Germany as a country of structures, physical or otherwise. It’s an enchanting place from which to leave Europe, all washed out and earthy.

That’s all she wrote for our continental quest, but who knows where we might find ourselves in the future! Different European hotspots? Latin America? Perhaps Southeast Asia? Only time will tell, but for now, take a step back and admire the beauty of wherever you are!



Vicki Frid