16 of the Best Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs of 2017

The millions of so-called fashion blogs and Instagram accounts out there at the moment can sometimes make a girl miss the good old days of browsing through a magazine at the dentist's or people-watching for style inspo. 

We all know the drill: you wake up feeling like your entire wardrobe is hopeless, get online for some quick ideas, then fall down the rabbit hole for an inestimable amount of hours only to reemerge feeling perhaps more lost than when you began. 

Thankfully for you, we've rounded up 16 of the chicest and savviest style influencers out there (based on the list by Marie Claire). And while we can't guarantee you won't be glued to your screen for too many hours in awe of the badass New Yorkers, unbeatably stylish Italian mamas, glamorous London-based fashionistas, and sleek Scandinavians, at least you'll do it in style damn it!


Marta Cygan aka Life of Boheme


Polish national, Marta Cygan's chic Parisian lifestyle shots will inspire you to breathe new life into even your most basic pieces and feel incredibly stylish doing so. Her outfits and home decor are always casual, simple- and flawless (in true Parisienne fashion)! Trust us, you haven't seen a T-shirt look so great since it was paired with a Chanel suit. 



Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three


Based in New York, Chinese-Australian Margaret Zhang goes above and beyond your average fashion blogger: the law school graduate is responsible for her own photography featured on the blog, does her own kooky and eclectic styling, as well as consulting for several fashion and beauty brands, directing short films and working as a writer! Talk about influential. 



Charlotte Groeneveld aka The Fashion Guitar


If you aren't super into pants or have been wondering what to do with all your fancy skirts and dresses from that summer of weddings, thefashionguitar.com just might be the perfect resource for you. In fact, Dutch New Yorker Charlotte Groeneveld's THING is giving a casual, trendy twist to the girliest, most over-the-top gowns. Her eclectic mix of classic, quirky, feminine and contemporary means there's a little something for every taste. Be sure to check her out at couture week transforming evening wear into cool, casual street style. 



Pernille Teisbaek


Although quite simple in formula and aesthetic, Pernille Teisbaek's instagram feed and cult blog, Look de Pernille are a go-to for all things sleek and Scandinavian. Hailing from Copenhagen, the svelte Creative Director knows how to work the hell out of the slim-cut jeans, cozy knits and heels look. Her feed, which is both dreamy and minimalistic is the perfect place for inspiration for styling pieces you probably already have laying around and turning them into the next street style trend. 



Helena Bordon


When your mother is the style director of Vogue Brazil, it seems that you would be essentially predisposed to have great taste. Indeed Helena Bordon, one of Brazil's most influential fashion bloggers, grew up attending top fashion shows and even interned at Valentino and cofounded the fashion chain 284. Today, she runs the fashion blog helenabordon.com where she showcases her impeccable style choices of the day and dream-inducing holiday photos. The website even features a shopping section, making it accessible for anyone to emulate her looks. 



Leandra Medine aka Man Repeller


For quirky fashion photography presented with a signature sense of humor, be sure to hit up Leandra Medine's Instagram and website manrepeller.com. This hilarious New Yorker, of Turkish and Iranian Jewish descent started her online career with the blog Boogers + Bagels ironically documenting the fashion-addict lifestyle. She then progressed to her current endeavor after joking around with a friend that their fashion choices always seemed to send men running. The site features her eccentric style with fun categories and features such as ‘The difference between Mom Jeans and Dad Jeans’, and ‘Manstagram’. In her own words, "I really see Man Repeller as an attitude and fashion as a language that we use to connect with other women." 



Sandra Hagelstam aka 5 Inches and Up


If you've fallen victim to your shoe-addiction on more than one occasion, you will not be disappointed by London-based design graduate Sandra Hagelstam's sinful high-fashion blog 5 Inches and Up. Though the Finnish native also covers other topics like beauty, the clear focus of the blog is Sandra's love of shoes. She gives us all the details on the newest designer kicks including fit and comfort and has started a new section that features her "Shoe of the Month". As she says, "I blog about the things I wear and the shoes I love. My blog is all about high heels and effortless style. Good quality wardrobe basics are what I feel most comfortable in. As long as it’s paired with a 5 inch heel, you will never see me in flats…."



Camille Charriere aka Camille Over the Rainbow


London-based Parisienne, Camille Charriere has got you covered if you've always wanted to get that effortlessly chic French je-ne-sais-quoi down to an art. She says, "COTR is a destination for a mixture of emerging and luxury fashion, with a particular emphasis on Scandinavian labels". Not only is her feed the epitome of casual fab Parisian lifestyle (and impossibly tasteful vacation pics), her website also gives the lowdown on trends and brands and features a "Boutique" section to point you directly in the direction of her favorite items. Not to mention her frequent wardrobe clearouts on the Vestiaire platform, so you can literally own her looks. 



Alex Stedman aka The Frugality  


A rarity in the world of fashion blogs, London-based stylist, Alex Stedman's The Frugality explores thrifty shopping options and how to create trendy looks on a budget. In her own words, "My blog is a fashion and lifestyle website for real people, living on a normal budget. I swear by affordable clothes and offer advice on what to invest in, and what not to. After all – budget or no budget – everyone likes a bargain." She also covers many much needed real-life topics such as clearing credit card debt, living well for less, and cheap eats. 



Danielle Bernstein aka We Wore What


New Yorker Danielle Bernstein gives us some insight into her blog, “WeWoreWhat is a fashion blog I created to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner of NYC. I highlight my everyday outfits as well as my experience in this city that never sleeps. What should be the easiest part of everyone’s day (getting dressed in the morning) is sometimes the hardest – and that’s why I blog.” Indeed We Wore What provides a simple breakdowns of outfits as well as click-through links to buy them directly. It really does not get much more user friendly than this. 



Laura Fantacci aka Wearing it Today


London-based Italian beauty Laura Fantacci makes having it all look so simple. Actually, the perfect life she shares with us on Wearing It Today, featuring her beautiful home, toddler and wardrobe would have us feeling pretty down, if she weren't intent on helping us figure out how to make our lives just as fabulous. The fashion editor knows hows to style classic pieces and give them just enough of a twist to turn them into unexpectedly winning combinations. It's all in the contrast, as she explains, “While every other style website focuses on what’s in fashion, with Wardrobe Icons, we reveal what never goes out of fashion. I love a classic white shirt and a simple cashmere V-neck but I also love mad shoes, statement jewellery and a fringed bag. The key, for me, is all in the mix: sequins with denim, a trench over a ballgown. Classic but always with a twist.” 

Other highlights include her "Mama Friday" posts, beauty tips, and brand extensions. She also runs a website and weekly e-zine, Wardrobe Icons and ICONS Update respectively, with her friend Petro Stofberg featuring shoppable items that never go out of style. 



Ella Catlif aka La Petite Anglaise


London-based writer and model Ella Catliff began her blogging career while working as a fashion intern in Paris, documenting her best fashion finds and every day life in the fashion industry. The pixie mixes the Parisian and London styles to perfection featuring skinny denim, chic accessories, and touches of glam. She says, "La Petite Anglaise is basically a colourful, fun and (hopefully) well written reflection of my life within the wider context of the fashion world. I’ve also expanded it to include lifestyle, travel and beauty. After all, clothes don’t exist in a vacuum so I love to be able to write about a great outfit and then also share where I wore it."



Ari Seth Cohen aka Advanced Style


New York photographer Ari Seth Cohen grew up in admiration of his two stylish grandmothers and began documenting the style of older women on the streets of New York. Since then, his wildly successful blog Advanced Style "documenting the style and stories of the over 60 set" has been turned into a documentary and a book. Ari is also interested in issues facing the elderly, but mostly he takes splendid pictures of their wild styles. Between layers and layers of original accessories, classic designer pieces, and colors galore, every one of us could stand to learn a thing or two from these ladies. 


Peony Lim


Half-Chinese half-English Peony Lim's eponymous website is more like browsing through a polished, glossy magazine than your average fashion blog. She covers several areas such as travel, lifestyle, beauty as well as style, and the outfits she puts together are always classic and expertly photographed. She says, "My site is about sharing the things that inspire me and that I hope will inspire others. It’s a whole lifestyle diary, from what I wear, to where I travel. Food is a big part of the site and my life. The style of the whole site is classic luxury. I try never to be trend driven.”



Pandora Sykes


Ex-Fashion Features Editor at The Sunday Times Style Pandora Sykes believes that fashion doesn't have to be a vapid, stand-alone interest and likes to infuse her blog with sharp wit and social commentary. The journalist and stylist explains, "Style should be fun and fashion is not a lone Endeavour. You can be interested in shoes and still care about world politics. My blog aims to be fun but thoughtful – and give people a new way to look at things."



Chiara Ferragni aka The Blonde Salad


The leggy Italian fashionista (and ex-law student!) Chiara Ferragni named her luxury lifestyle blog after her "mixed salad" of interests, spanning from travel to fashion and photography. Chiara documents her daily life featuring exotic destinations, daily glamorous (yet laid-back) outfits, and generally fabulous life. Prepare for extreme jealousy! 

Vicki Frid