Top Luxury Travel Influencers of 2018

Airlines, spas, hotels and the little mints that they put on the pillows after making up the room… Influencers review and photograph dream getaways and attainable products that make travel easier.

Here are 15 of the top luxury travel influencers of 2018:

𝟙 Tara Milk Tea

1.1 million Instagram followers

Tara Milk Tea is a travel influencer who can be peeped on her Instagram account lounging in luxurious hotels. She has partnered up with brands like Chloe and enjoys a good pun, making her posts enviable and relatable.


𝟚 Christina Tan

558,000 Instagram followers

“Sassy Chris” created a Bali travel guide with Forbes and is a social ambassador for Travel + Leisure.


𝟛 Lucy Rose Laucht

241,000 Instagram followers

Lucy Rose Laucht isn’t just a travel photographer with a breathtaking portfolio; she founded the hat company Tío y Tía.


𝟜 The Planet D

223,000 Instagram followers

The force behind The Planet D is a blogger couple, Dave and Deb, that has been named top luxury travel influencers by AdWeek and Forbes. They’ve travelled to more than 100 countries and turned their little hobby into a sweet career.


𝟝 Loïc Lagarde

137,000 Instagram followers

Travel photographers make terrific influencers because even people who might not have considered splurging on luxury vacation will gobble up the gorgeous photos of elegant destinations.


𝟞 Kate McCulley

99,800 Instagram followers

Kate McCulley proves you don’t need a travel buddy to see the world. Named one of Forbes’ top luxury travel influencers, McCulley highlights the best parts of riding solo. She has been to just about 75 countries on all seven continents.


𝟟 Hippie in Heels

98,000 Instagram followers

A few years ago, Rachel Jones quit her job and moved to the beaches of India. As if that weren’t her best life, she writes for BravoTV balancing Birkenstocks and Louboutins. Jones, the “Hippie in Heels,” writes the 28th most popular blog in the world and has visited more than 35 countries. Jones’s audience is younger and she shows them the best places to stay, eat and party.


𝟠 Christina Vidal

60,400 Instagram followers

Travel + Leisure named Christina Vidal one of its top luxury travel influencers. Vidal has been to more than 50 countries.


𝟡 Hand Luggage Only

57,100 Instagram followers

Not all luxury travel has to cost pinkie-up prices. Yaya and Lloyd, friends from college, created one of the most beloved travel blogs in the United Kingdom which has been nominated for the Vuelio Blog Awards. The account is chock full of food, fun and culture and the pair market some of the most desired properties by working with top PR agents.


𝟙𝟘 La Jolla Mom

48,900 Instagram followers

Katie Dillon’s brand of luxury travel focuses on family. She and her family lived in a Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong for four years!


𝟙𝟙 It’s Beautiful Here

45,100 Instagram followers

Created by Gigi Hopkins, It’s Beautiful Here is an anthology of luxury travel guides. She also writes and contributes to Harper’s Bazaar and Conde Nast.  


𝟙𝟚 Johnny Jet

28,700 Instagram followers

Johnny Jet is another budget-friendly luxury travel influencer. Having overcome his fear of flying, he spends a lot of his time in the air.


𝟙𝟛 Captain & Charlie

24,700 Instagram followers

Impossibly good-looking couple quits their jobs to live on a yacht. Need we say more?


𝟙𝟜 Emily Luxton

16,000 Instagram followers

Travel blogger Emily Luxton also owns her own travel agency and isn’t afraid to step out into the world as a solo female traveler. Emily Luxton is a great talent choice if your brand wants to empower women or cater specifically to female travellers.


𝟙𝟝 Lakshmi Sharath

10,000 Instagram followers

Lakshmi Sharath is an Indian-born media professional, chef and travel blogger who inspires people who love to travel, cook and read. Don’t be fooled by her lower number of followers than others on this list; she has worked with international brands such as Airbnb, Thomas Cook, Virgin Atlantic and Nokia Lumia.